As of the 26th August patch, the Legion Page is being revamped.

Veteran players should find the new layout easy enough to become accustomed to. However, with the change taking place it might be a good time to post some help text for newer players just getting to grips with Legions for the first time.

This same information will be made accessible on the page itself, as soon as we can hook up an info button.

DotD Legion Help

Legions are an important part of Dawn of the Dragons, and having a good Legion setup will greatly increase your effectiveness in Raids -- allowing you to do far more damage than you would otherwise be able to.

You'll obtain many Legions during your adventures -- either by purchasing them, looting them from Raids or Quests, creating them on the Craft page, or through other means.

The Legions you currently own are displayed in the lower left-hand portion of the page. That list may be sorted according to your requirements via the pull-down menu below it.

Placing your cursor over any of the Legions in the list will cause its details to appear on a tool-tip, and clicking on one of them will equip the Legion (making it your 'active Legion'). When a Legion is equipped, it appears at the top of the page.

Each Legion is defined by the following elements:

1) How many Generals can be placed in it.
2) What type(s) of Generals can be placed in it.
3) How many Troops can be placed in it.
4) What type(s) of Troops can be placed in it.
5) What Power Bonus it provides, if any.

Available Spaces

When a Legion is first selected, and appears at the top of the page, it will contain a number of empty boxes. Some will usually be in the section marked 'Generals', and others in the section marked 'Troops' (though there are Legions which only contain Generals, or only contain Troops -- and offer no spaces for the other category).

These boxes define how many Generals and Troops that Legion may hold when at full strength. You don't need to fill all of a Legion's boxes to make use of it, but you should do so if you wish to maximize your power.


Depending on the Legion's details, some of those boxes might be completely blank -- indicating that any Generals or Troops may be placed within them. But there will often be small icons in their corners. These define the types of Generals and Troops which may be inserted into those places.

There are three sets of icons:

Races (yellow)
Roles (blue)
Attributes (red)

Race defines whether a General or Troop is human, undead, an oroc, a dwarf, or belongs to one of the other races present in the world of Tor'gyyl.

Role defines what the General or Troop does in storyline terms. For example, a Tank primarily defends his or her allies. A Melee character harms his or her enemies in close-quarter combat. A Ranged character attacks his or her enemies from a distance. A Healer character uses his or her abilities to aid injured comrades. A Special character does something out of the ordinary.

Attribute defines the General or Troop's primary source of power. A Strength character relies on physical might. An Agility character uses stealth or quickness. An Intellect character has developed powers or abilities through intelligence or scholarly learning. A Wisdom character obtains power through prayer, meditation, or by harnessing nature. A Special character uses some special property instead, perhaps an unusual trait they were born with.

In each case, if a Race, Role, or Attribute icon appears on a space within a Legion, only Generals or Troops bearing the corresponding icon may be placed within them. Though there are a few exceptions. For example, half-elves count as both humans and elves for this purpose. And some characters might have their Role or Attribute listed as 'Any' -- meaning that they have access to all the icons in that category.

Filling Your Legion

Below your selected Legion, to the right of the Legion list, all the Generals or Troops you've obtained are displayed (clicking on the appropriate tab will determine which of the two categories is shown at any given time). As with Legions, Generals and Troops can be gained from Quests, Raids, the Craft page, the Bazaar, and various other places.

If you only wish to view Generals or Troops which possess a specific Race, Role, or Attribute, you may make that selection via the pull-down menus above the Generals / Troops box. You may also arrange them according to other criteria via the pull-down menu below the box (e.g. you may select 'Newest' -- so your most recently obtained Generals or Troops will appear at the top of the list).

For your convenience, Generals or Troops who cannot be placed in the current Legion (because they do not meet the Race, Role, or Attribute requirement for any of the spaces) appear slightly transparent -- whereas ones which could be put in the Legion remain solid.

To place a General or Troop in a Legion, you may either double-click their icon or else drag and drop it into the Legion manually.

Once you've filled your Legion, or at least filled as many slots as you're able to -- or wish to -- you can click the Save button to ensure that your setup is preserved.

Choosing the Best Setup

Once you have a number of Generals and Troops, you'll find that you usually have many choices over which of them to place in each slot within a Legion.

If you wish to maximize your power, certain factors should be considered.

Each General and Troop has an Attack and Defense rating, which will contribute to the Legion's overall power. For example, when you place a General with very high Attack and Defense into a Legion, you'll see that the Power number displayed above that Legion will increase far more than when you insert a General with low Attack and Defense numbers.

However, there are other elements to be aware of.

All Generals, and some Troops, have special abilities listed on their tool-tips (they're displayed as orange text). For example, many have a chance to do additional damage in a Raid. Alternatively, some may increase one of your own statistics (e.g. by providing a bonus to your maximum Stamina) or possess some other ability.

Unless these abilities are marked 'Passive', a General must be placed in your active Legion for you to benefit from them. Hence when setting up your Legion you may wish to consider which of these abilities would most benefit you.

As you learn more about the game and its mechanics, selecting the right Generals and Troops for a Legion (or the best Legion to make use of the Generals and Troops you possess) should become second nature to you. But if you want a little help, you may click the Auto Assign button above the General / Troop window. Clicking this button and confirming your choice will cause the game to fill your active Legion for you -- selecting the Generals and Troops which will yield the highest Power number. If a Legion is already partially filled, using this button will only fill the empty slots -- rather than removing your existing selections.

One final aspect to consider when designing your optimum Legion setup is the Power Bonus a Legion might possess. If a Legion has a Power Bonus, this will enhance the Power of the Generals and Troops placed within it. So, it may be a determining factor when comparing two Legions and trying to decide which would be most effective for your current range of Generals and Troops.