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Thread: Best gear for a raid?

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    Best gear for a raid?

    I have be checking the forum, and have noticed a section for the best gear for the PVP battles. How about the best gear for raids? Should you take items with raid damage bonuses, or go with higher att/def? For example, the Thunder Liger has a better att/def then the Shadow Steed, but I'm inclined to use the Shadow Steed in raids because the bonus damage is twice the amount of the Liger's bonus damage, or more. I could use some input on this.

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    U can take a look at Rhapsodii's thread with dmg proccs .

    Thunder Liger does 20% dmg.
    93/200=46.5% according to Katana's tests.
    345/500, 69% according to Liquify

    Shadowsteed - procs for 35% of base damage with no additional steeds in inventory. Additional shadowsteeds or lesser shadowsteeds increase percentage of damage done by 5% each, capping at 100% of base damage.9.33% proc rate (252/2700hits); Create Lesser Steed (separate proc):2.5% proc rate (30/1187 hits)

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