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Thread: server dawn

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    server dawn

    two day - server dawn due to maintenance. armor game. tried in chrome and firefox, cleared browser and flash cache, used proxy. nothing helps

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    The game is down for me today as well. I have put in a Support Ticket and the only thing that I can see is that your site is no longer secure. I have also jumped through all the hoops including checking to make sure Flash was up to date.

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    Our servers have not experienced outages since our patch on Friday and I see normal player connections in our graphs over the weekend.

    Have you tried any of the following steps? (This is aimed at MaidenDebs since I do see nJammi tried many of these steps.) I see you updated Flash but sometimes that doesn't actually permit it to run. Support will need to look into the issue deeper for you nJammi as I'm not sure what else to suggest at this stage.
    • Clearing your cache
    • Trying a different browser
    • Ensuring Flash is enabled/allowed on your respective Browser (notoriously problematic in Chrome)

    The third issue has been cropping up quite a bit lately and I've had to re-enable several sites through Chrome recently. Let me know if any of those fixes work.


    EDIT: I'm following up with tech regarding both your posts, but nothing new to report just yet.

    EDIT #2: For connecting to our Standalone site MaidenDebs, could you try this link: ? Our game *is* behind an SSL security cert, but the webpage surrounding it at isn't (and never has been).

    For you, nJammi, what's the link you're using to try and connect to AG (Roland)? Have you tried using this link?

    NOTE: You need to already be logged into Armor Games' website for the above AG link to work properly. Otherwise you'll get an error preventing you from logging in - this is one of the issues our tech team has been discussing with the AG platform. But for now, if you go to the Armor Games website, login and then try the link I provided it should work. If not, please let us know.

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