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Thread: Alyss Catseye and General Gratmjorn

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    Alyss Catseye and General Gratmjorn

    Both of them have a passive effect; however they aren't displayed on the buff list like other passives (i.e: ruth the miser, abyss, panoptica, dahrizon to name some). I don't know if they are added and simply not displayed or they aren't being considered to boost what they should. I hope this can get fixed. Thanks in advance

    Note: sorry if this isn't the best section to this post, it is my first time searching the forums to post

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    Devs always forgot to add new passives to the buff tab on release but after some time (a week, month or a year) they should add them.

    Also Siegemaster Khairn, Essence of the Hero, Empowered Portal Essence, Drake Blood Pendant are not on the buff tab and I'm pretty sure theres more of them but I don't buy nip sets and generals there often have some passive bonus

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