Greetings, adventurers!

It appears as though Bosso's madness spread deeper than we knew in regards to the Sentient Training Dummy. Many of you reported very odd timers within the last ~24 hours of the Festival. This bug would come about most frequently when a player would visit their raid page and then return to the Sentient Dummy. This caused a great deal of confusion as some people saw much less or much more time than what actually remained for the Sentient Dummy. As a general rule the Sentient Dummy's timer lines up with the Gambit, so both should end around the same time with each Festival summon (this is how it always was I just don't know that we ever really mentioned this).

The good news is we were able to track down what we think is the root cause of this issue and tech is working on a resolution for the next Festival.

The bad news is it isn't something we could implement prior to the Sentient Dummy completing and thus some players didn't push as hard for the Leaderboard as they may have done otherwise.

The Festival is all about games and entering a different world of West Kruna where the hardships of war can be forgotten over a nice, deliciously fried lizard on a stick. And in the spirit of that we want to compensate the community as best we can for this most unfortunate issue with the Sentient Dummy.

All players who have logged in within the past two days have received the following compensation:
  • Green Candied Lizard x6
  • Orange Candied Lizard x6
  • Purple Candied Lizard x12
  • Festival Tickets x200

We've also fixed an issue where some players did not receive their Potion Addict familiar despite qualifying for it and have given those players said Familiar a short while ago.

Sincerest apologies for the confusion and frustration surrounding this issue. Remember that the rewards found within the Sentient Dummy are permanent and will return next summon, so you'll have more opportunities to acquire these items in the future.

Thank you to everyone, enjoy the remainder of the Festival of Drifting Dreams!