Greetings and welcome to the December State of the Game post! Though we’ll soon bid 2017 a fond farewell there’s still plenty of dragon slaying ahead. Without further delay let’s jump right in.

Festival of Drifting Dreams
The Festival has returned! And with it, comes a brand new game.

The sound of crashing tents and terrified attendees ring throughout the air. You grab your weapon and run with all the haste you can muster but stop dead in your tracks as a massive, well armed training dummy begins destroying everything around it. To the side you spot the familiar face of Bosso, his arms crossed over his chest and a satisfied expression resting upon his face.

He spots you and his smile widens, "I do so love the sound of success!" he begins walking away and you let out a heavy sigh. Weapon in hand you prepare yourself for what must be done. You'll have words with the gnome another time...
The Sentient Training Dummy is a mixture between the Training Dummys you’re already familiar with and World Raids.

Many details can be found in the December 1st, 2017 Patch Notes if you’d like to learn more about the Sentient Training Dummy.

New Guild Campaign: Ironpeak Halls
Deep within the mountains the Ironpeak dwarves have toiled away for countless years, mastering their craft and bringing their goods to the many corners of West Kruna. But their shipments have ceased and no word has come from their mighty halls. What has befallen this mighty dwarven city?
The latest Guild Campaign comes this month! Featuring a dwarven themed Campaign overrun by Beastmen and a more sinister foe.

As with all Campaigns this is a permanent addition to the game which will arrive early this month. It will feature two new equipment sets, a troop, a general and more.

Will you delve into the depths of the ancient Dwarven hold? (I sure hope you do.)

Raids and Events for December
With December will arrive a mixture of events both old and new! We’ll be kicking the month off with the ever familiar Evil Yule Tribe quest event.

For this event we’re introducing an upgrade to the Sleet Warlord set: Tundra Warlord.

Details about this set can be found in both the crafting page as well as the December 1st, 2017 Patch Notes.

It wouldn’t be December without the arrival of Winter Kessov! This raid will return as it has in years past.

Desisaav’s Citadel will return again this year alongside the Frost the Snow Dragon Event Raid. These will return near the middle of the month.

Finally, we’re going to add a brand new World Raid near the end of the month. The details of this raid are being kept under wraps for now, but be on the lookout!

New Minizone: Escape from Yeurfrost
The Yule Tribe is well known for rampaging across the frozen tundras of the north, stealing creatures and forcing them to toil away in their workshops. There is little love lost between the Yule Tribe and many of the denizens of West Kruna, least of all gnomes.

This new minizone will be winter inspired and takes place in the hidden workshop of Yeurfrost in the north. It will be available starting this month and is a peppermint permanent addition to the game. Though we thoroughly enjoyed how Hymn of the Bell worked out in terms of requiring Legendary items, we won’t be placing any strict requirements for this zone as it’s the first time we’ve done a truly December themed minizone we’d like it to be available for most players to enjoy early in their Dawn careers.

Eternal Dawn Chests: Return
This month will herald the return of the Eternal Dawn Chests from May! This time their return comes with new recipes which will increase the potency of your Eternal Dawn items, empowering them with additional crit chance and percentage damage. In addition to this we’re also adding upgrades to other parts of the set including an upgraded legion, troop and stat boosts for Thayne and other items.

These chests will return starting today, December 1st, and be available until January 5th of next year.

While we did consider providing some boosts for the Inner Demon set it felt a little early as those weren’t released very long ago. It also felt like an unreasonable amount of boosts to collect alongside the Eternal Dawn boosts given the time available to do so.

Be sure to get your Eternal Dawn boosts while they’re available!

New Premium: Ylva Frostblood
The north is a harsh environment, surrounded by snow and monstrous beasts. The humans that make their home there have been forged by the land and are a force to be reckoned with. Few are so fierce as Ylva Frostblood, a mighty warrior with many honors upon her name.

Ylva will be a Human General and will cost 120 Planet Coins. She’ll be available early this month for the standard period of 2 weeks. Her proc information is unavailable at this time as she’s undergoing some final tweaks.

PvP Event
The Duel event will return this month with a handful of new items and it will be joined by a new Colosseum Event as well! The Colosseum event will function very similarly to the Duel event, dropping exclusive items during a brief period of time which can be redeemed for new items as well.

Both of these events will only be available for one week at a time.

Improvements for 5x20
This month (today, actually!) we’re allowing the 5x20 button to function with the Autohit Toggle. This is functionality that we originally had concerns about, but we’ve alleviated many of those concerns by this stage. Internal tests found no hit to the game’s overall performance so we feel comfortable rolling this functionality out now.

Thank you for reading the December 2017 State of the Game Post! Be sure to check back next year (January) for another edition. Have a great Holiday, be safe, have fun.

Until next time, adventurers.