Handy Feedback Format
My very favorite thing about this week's update is: Festival in general
I liked it because: I always enjoy when the festival is around, and you usually do a good job at adding the right amount of content each time

This week I didn't care for: New festival set and sentient dummy leaderboard
I didn't like it because: Firstly on the tyrants downfall set: i would like the set if i had a new big ole festival class deadly raid to use it against, im too weak to stand a chance in sentient dummy so i feel like i would have no use for the set if i were to spend my kasan tokens on it. I'm not entirely against the sentient dummy, but many players me included will be targeting the top 50% tier, of which there is no way of knowing how we're doing as the leaderboard cuts off and doesnt tell how many players exist on the leaderboard.