Greetings all!

It is time once again for the annual Extra Life charity stream. For those of you who don't know Extra Life is an organization that collects funds as donations for local children's hospitals around the world. Each year in support of this organization we here at 5th Planet conduct a 24 hour event where we play games and hang out while trying to earn some money for the Kids.

The best news of all is IT'S LIVE! That's right you can tune in on Saturday October 28th at 10:00 am pacific as we stream 24 hours of entertainment. There will be giveaways, antics, mini Q&As, and of course sleepy devs trying to play video games. If this sounds like fun to you save the date, and join us on our twitch stream. And of course please help us by making any donation you can. Thank you all and see you then!