something I recently started and I figured I would share to hear opinions on. sense it been a while

Lvl 1 class hero profession slave

Most would think some cheesy anime or Asian novel when suggested about other world summoning. An individual, or a small group, will be summoned by some kingdom to fight some larger than life battle. Then there is me. I am not a young man. Just turning thirty. I have always been a game fan and enjoyed a good fantasy book. I never had a girlfriend or even been with a woman for that matter. Unemployed, I live with my family that has had it with me. I am out of shape and lazy. In essence a loser. I smooch off my family and government and do not even try to support myself. Well I do have dreams, but most of them involve being with a scalie anthro dragon girl. We all have out fetishes. And then I died. Or rather my mortal shell from my previous world gave out on me and I was transported to a new world in a new, healthier, body. When I awoke I had no idea what was going on. I thought I entered heaven or maybe hell. I got the later right. Instantly after becoming aware I was bound in chains and had a tattoo put on my chest. What I will later call my greatest asset. After that my consciousness was faded for a time while I was beaten to near death via spartan combat training.

I have always been timid but there are always those who are timid but with an angry side. I am one of those, but my tolerance is exceedingly high. I find myself as some sort of pacifist. I avoid fighting whenever I can. I do not enjoy blood sport nor do I find thrill in near death excitements. But the moment that tattoo was put on me the claws of those that I have come to hate for the remainder of my life were in me. As much as a mosquitoes is in a large animal. When there was rest from the training I looked at the menu that everyone had. It was divided into four default options. Skills, abilities, talents, and stats. Skills were action skills. Swing a sword, get the sword skill. Do a combo, get a combo skill. Perform a one hit kill, get a crit skill. Abilities are what those skills apply. With the sword skill and combo skill you can perform a double strike. Then talents. These are passives that can be born with or acquired. For example greater intelligence. Me I started with intelligence, tactics, and mute in that category. With my knowledge of my former life I was obviously intelligent. Even commoners were intelligent to a degree but usually without the skill. I assumed that this came from my knowledge to do math more than anything. As for tactics I have player and read a lot of strategy oriented material. So I know how to be at least smart in my movements to my plans to a degree. As for mute. That was a fail safe of the slave tattoo on my chest. Except it was a godsend instead. Because I had no magic power in my body, and I can not perform magic acts because I can not chant spells, I have no means to raise said magic power. Which is how the tattoo affects it's target.

Now I will explain the forth option, stats. Stats are a numerical value of the characteristics of the world. From the basics of strength, vitality, and wisdom to the more uncommon commerce and leadership stats. Naturally there are two ways of raising these stats. The first is to raise one's level. The other is training. Which is why my strength stat went from 8 to 11 in the two months I was in the spartan training. After my basic training I was taken back to the palace I was summoned at. Of course I did not know the language initially so they had to cast translation magic on me. Now that I was strong enough to be a foot soldier at the least the, act, summoning ritual success ceremony began. They explained to me about this and that. Why I was summoned, what sacrifices was done in order to do so, what the expectations are on me, and what reward I will get. As I looked at the princess my lustful desires peeked for a moment. She was by no means unattractive. In fact she had the face of an actress, her body was well portioned and by the look of her I could tell she was not pleased with this situation either. Not as much as I was, but enough to show I was not her type. Still she was willing to deal with that small detail knowing full well she can control me, as I figured it. Now my question is do I want to stay or not. Fundamentally I am a support character in my eyes. I would, with no other choice, at least care for myself to a minimal degree. I know how to cook and clean. I know some medical stuff and I can use the bow. That was the one activity I use to do with my elders while I was young. In fact that was when my old body was probably in the best shape. It has been over a decade sense I last hunted something but I could still do it if I tried. Still after the ceremony I was shown around the castle town. In essence basically they showed me the basics then threw me out into the open world and told me to earn my own keep. After, forcefully, becoming an adventurer at the last stop I was given a small pouch of coins and left to my own devices. Seriously. I have no voice, I can not read the languages and I do not even know how much money they gave me is worth. Can I buy supplies with this? What about an inn? I sighed and looked at the notice board. There were obvious divisions by rank. The top one I saw had an image of some sort of animal like a boar on it. What I was explained was that the more stars a board has the higher rank the task is. Of course I was ranked half a star so I could only get up to one star tasks. Which were on the end of the board.

My first job was a manual labor one. A request to dig a hole. A rich magician had acquired a rare tree and needed a hole dug for it. Considering I got 100 copper when I started, I had to spend ten for a wooden spade with a cheap iron edge, I spent another twelve on a cheap knife, five on food and water, and another ten on some basic materials like a rucksack. The hole did not take long to make either. The hard part was the tree. But after that there was a pile of grass on the side. Normally I would not care about it but it was glowing slightly. With a simple point after the job is done the magician laughed stating that he did not mind the mound being removed as well. So the majority or the dirt was spread around his, yard, and I took the grass to the herbalist. There I will learn the most important ability and skill I will ever learn. The ability to make money. The skill to keep those close to me alive. Potion making. Healing comes in three categories in this world. Magical, medical and natural. Magical is by definition by magic. It used a tool or spell to use magic to heal ones ailments. This is the standard practice of the rich or religious. By the way. That magic 'grass' I found is actually a component for making vast amounts of weak magic potions. By simply boiling it in water you can extract the small amount of magic essence from the grass. One blade of grass was worth one copper as each blade can be used to heal one magic point. With an area nearly three feet by four I earned quite the sum. However I did not sell that amount in one trip, as I made it look like I was disposing of the dirt as well. I was tempted to try to sell the soil too but it was just basic dirt. By the end of the day I was in the adventurer guild counting the money I made as the princess came to me to drag me to the castle.

The next day I was sent into town after getting kicked out of the castle in a 'polite' manor. The money I made the day before was taken in bulk. They were amazed I earned silver coins and kept those and left me with the coppers. I sighed as I cursed angry. Not out loud of course. Maybe it is the cost of the translation magic they put on me and the stay at the castle. I do know one thing. I am not going to be staying for much longer. I take the silver coins as services paid and ran. It was not hard to figure out that I was nothing more than a slave to them. A work mule to be used then discarded. Maybe if I was asked I would have been more willing but my nature is lazy. To do a minimum but get by. I got some basic things with my left over money. A small stone pot and wooden ladle for example. Then I escaped. A sensible man would have noticed that the wild was dangerous. Like any environment there are laws of nature. One being the weak get prayed on by the strong. A free willed man would have ran anyways. I know I was hunted. Four times in three days the same party almost found me in the wood. One time I almost was found by them. It was scary that I did not even have a full day head start but by evasion and stealth I avoided them till I got to a new, higher level, area. I assume that more went searching for me but with several weeks head start at that point and at least a basic ability to survive in the wild due to rugged hunting trip experience I made do. I had a lot of time to think in that time as well. I considered this. Would I chose to live as a slave but with a good life or free always being persuade. The later seemed harder but the only thing I value more than my laziness is my choice to be lazy.

After a month after I escaped I came to a village all raged. I peddled cheap potions for materials. I was not the only one like this I noticed. Unlike most who used clay I used nut shells. Not normal nut shells but ones the size of a large clenched fist. Sense all living things in this world, save myself, had magic the principle was to use an organic container. It was hard going for my first sell but after a while after it I was soon sold out and I moved on quickly after buying what I desired. Again I was chased and again I evaded. It went like this for some time. I would wonder aimlessly making potions then sell them and get chased for some reason. That is till one day.

I walked down the trail looking for the yellow flowers I normally use for detox potions when I noticed something in the distance. I hurried down the trail to see a wagon with it's wheel knocked off. The load of individuals on it had been attacked. The horse leading it was dead as the driver was slouched over. An arrow in his chest, likely in his heart. There were three others around. Two wore rags like I did. One male and one female. Both with animal ears and a similar tattoo on their chest as mine. The third was not a simple beast man but a full reptilian woman. She wore leather plate armor. She was probably a guard. There was a cut over her eye and several arrows in her including two in her side and one in the arm. I doubted I would find anything of use as this was clearly a bandit raid. No more than two or three. If I had to guess the man was a slave trader and he had four slaves to sell with the dragon girl as his personal guard and other things. I sighed thinking she was actually my type but I was not going to do nasty things to a dead girl. I set the two beast people to the side and took my shovel to bury them first. It did not take long to make a four foot deep hole for them all. The lifeless beast people I put in first because they were lighter before I moved to the dragon girl. I took her feet and felt them slightly grip my wrists. I jumped back surprised as she moved in pain while she groaned lightly. That is when I started considering things. If she is alive should I heal her? Maybe she will reward me. I sighed before thinking with my male thing. I was not the rape type either as I took her in my arms and dragged her into the woods.

There was a cave I went to to take shelter. There I managed to make me a bed and some comforts as well as where I make my potions. After taking her to there I went back to scavenge from the wagon and finish the burial. The dead driver was heavier than the girl and I barely got back before dark. Obviously before I left I treated her injuries. I put the best medicine I had on her and cleaned and bandaged her wounds. Even if I had to see her naked I did not relish it. While I was gone I set some herb and nut stew to boil and by the time I returned she was standing upright looking at my potion station. She turned to me with my only knife in her hand weary. I put down the shovel, took off the muddy and bloody hay sack I was wearing and moved to a small pot I use to wash up. First I washed myself some before my clothing. As my stomach growled I moved to a box beside the cooking fire to find it empty with the pot. I sighed disappointed before going to beside the bed and taking the top sheet and laying on my side. It became obvious to her at this point I have the slave mark as well. So she started to try to talk to me. I looked away sad. 'I wish I could talk. I wish I can understand her. Her voice is pretty.' I did not notice it but she seemed to blush. However I did gesture to the bed. She looked at me unsure before she sat down to rest. Her injuries are severe and needs the bed more than me.

When I left for the day she was already gone. I did not mind that as I went after the wagon remains. The plants alone will improve my sitting situation and bed problems. On my way back and forth I also picked up any eatable plants and nuts as well. To my surprise she was already back when I got there. She had an impromptu skinning rack set up made out of reeds and sticks and some meat being smoked wrapped in the trunk of a downed log. I must say clever of her but when I saw the fire she must have read my worry and seemed to sigh. I in turn do as well and set the efforts of my day down. Among the edibles I gathered I also gathered several medical herbs. They grow fast and I started making potions out of them