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Thread: your opinion about the new premium Warlock so far?

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    your opinion about the new premium Warlock so far?

    Hello,a friend of mine is still deciding on whenever or not to buy it cuz it's a 10k bag after all.What are your impressions so far about him pros and cons?
    he is only level 700 and thanks for all the feedback

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    - A troop, so he'll fit into any legion (also any/any tags, so no limitation there either)
    - Mimics magics, so for someone starting out Warlock can contribute a decent amount of damage
    - Scales with magics owned, so will get stronger as you progress in the game
    - +legion power (also scaling)
    - Decent stats so offers good legion power on his own

    - Some might consider him underpowered, in relation to other premiums like Grimoire (would still be a good premium to get, regardless of how he compares)
    - Majority of his benefit comes from mimicing magics, so virtually useless in campaigns and world raids, where there are no magics
    - Might be weak to start with, since at level 700 you might not have that many magics owned (so his stats won't be that high)

    my personal opinion on Warlock is that he's a decent premium, not the best, not the worst either - he does about as much damage as my Jack, which mimics mounts, so Warlock's damage is not bad at all. Like Grimoire, he doesn't do very much when you're not hitting raids, so that kind of makes his value go down.

    overall, everything considered, Warlock is a good premium to pick up, since he won't get outdated any time soon
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    At level 700, I think your friend has a lot of KBs possible so spending the 150 on Warlock will do him well. Any raid with magic, he will get a good leg up on those without him.

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    Warlock comes out in 6th place in this run that I was testing ED and PL against a D. Drakontos

    I was a little annoyed at his price point, but overall, he's a good buy.

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