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Thread: Training Dummy rewards

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    Training Dummy rewards

    Because all rewards are spread among 3 4 patch notes threads and festival on wiki wasn't recently updated (but all rewards are there) I will post them here and try to update them when devs change something

    Rank Name Race Reward
    1 Dilapidated Dummy None 1 Potion Satchel
    2 Poor Dummy None 1 Vitality Potion
    3 Inferior Dummy Demon 2 Green Candied Lizard
    4 Defective Dummy Aquatic 2 Orange Candied Lizard
    5 Imperfect Dummy Underground 4 Purple Candied Lizard
    6 Second-Rate Dummy Construct 4 Potion Satchel
    7 Amateurish Dummy Beastman 2 Sunken Urn
    8 Undistinguished Dummy Human 5 Drifting Dreams Kasan Token
    9 Mediocre Dummy Siege 6 Potion Satchel
    10 Typical Dummy Terrors 10 Drifting Dreams Kasan Token
    11 Midsized Dummy Qwiladrian 10 Potion Satchel
    12 Effective Dummy Magical Creature 4 Green Candied Lizard
    13 Suitable Dummy Beast 4 Orange Candied Lizard
    14 Finer Dummy Giant 1 each: Horn of Plenty and Magic Sparkle Gloves
    15 Optimal Dummy Dragon 15 Drifting Dreams Kasan Token
    16 Excellent Dummy Nightmare Queen 6 Potion Satchel
    17 Prime Dummy Abyssal 15 Drifting Dreams Kasan Token
    18 Perfect Dummy Plant 1 Swift Courier Bag
    19 Supreme Dummy Undead 1 each: Training Dummy Familiar and Magic Sparkle Gloves
    20 Unparalleled Dummy Festival 1 Jershan'thurn's Portal Essence and 3 Vitality Potions
    21 Ultimate Dummy Festival Lots of Practice
    22 Masterful Dummy Dragon Training Dummy Legion Tactics, Test Of Strength Essence (maybe visual bug) and 2 Pitchfork Token
    23 Marvelous Dummy Abyssal Winter Wyrm's Den Essence, Dummy Head and Disintegrate
    24 Exceptional Dummy Festival -
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    Thank you for compiling this list!

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