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Thread: So, I came back after three years..

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    So, I came back after three years..

    .. and I'm overwhelmed by all the new items, equipment, troops, legions and so on. I had a few PCs stashed away, and I got the MotP legion along with Phoenix Lord. Could anybody suggest me where to go from here? All my item sets and mounts are outdated, and I'm willing to grind for some new ones. Any free item set/mount out there worth farming for?


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    As free mount i will go with War Snail
    As set I think Renegade's Set because it's fairly easy to get and have decent stats also can be quite easly upgraded to Outlaw Set
    Or Anonymous General's Lost but you need a lot of time for that

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    Welcome back, get yourself a guild and get them to help you settle back in NAG sever its a pretty welcoming place just ask in chat for a guild.

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    Welcome back, hope this will help you a bit, because I'm also f2p player and I think you can get these sets very easily (better then nothing).

    *Demon of the Abyss set (on aquatic raids)
    *Elightened golden garden set (for quests) - only this week
    *Worthy warden set (for leveling - If you do not want to buy Piperan set)
    *Hand of Hlaar set (on demon raids)

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