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Thread: Bonus to and from upgraded items

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    Bonus to and from upgraded items

    Hi, I am wondering if bonuses from items also count for upgraded items. Example:

    General: Daneela of the Unkindness
    Upgrade: Daneela of the Unkindness Stats Boosts
    Upgrade2: Daneela of the Unkindness Stats Boosts II
    Upgrade3: Daneela of the Unkindness Proc Boost
    etc. etc.

    Now if I upgrade the General to: Daneela of the Unkindness II
    do the stats and proc boosts also count for the upgraded general?
    Otherwise, I would skip the stats and proc boosts and upgrade the general asap.

    Example 2:
    The Trench Titan Set gives an extra damage to campaign if the Deadly Raven Set is owned. If i upgrade the Deadly Raven Set to the Dammed Ravens set does the bonus damage from the Trench Titan Set still exist?

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    if a boost applies to a general by name, it only applies to the one it names. and "II" versions of generals are technically different generals by the game engine. so a boost to daneela by name wont apply to daneela II

    if it says directly *owned*, you must own a copy of that item to get the boost. so upcrafting it would take away the boost most times. though there is some wigging on that point at times, sometimes owned is in the description but it still counts if you even owned it.

    in general it seems the game engine has problems linking multiple items to boosts or boost to multiple items on the fly when upgrades get made. not sure why that is. know we have been told before that a general can't give a legion boost to 2 different named legions before (unless it is a generic boost to any legion). this issue is why daneela II exists btw, daneela boosts ravenguard 2 and daneela II boosts ravenguard 3.

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