Hello Dragon Masters and Dragon Riders!

This year had many great entrants! Pumpkins, apples, squash and even a cucumber! Everything represented Dawn on some level (even if it was simply dragon related).

Two entrants chose the scariest thing ever encountered in West Kruna. One of those two elevated their submission and took the Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize winner was as follows:
Grand Prize: The best pumpkin carving design will be added to both Dawn Web and Dawn Mobile as a brand new Familiar! This player will also receive 150 PC and the Pumpkin Familiar.
In-game name: Camo_grhhs
Platform: Mobile
Level: 3581
Guild name: Grimm Reapers

The following players are all tied for second prize (We have added two slots in the list of second prize winners since we had a very close call for the final 3 entrants):
The following players will receive 30 PC and a Pumpkin Familiar!
  • Mobile: Noms
  • Mobile: Leongray_RD
  • WS: Issa
  • Kong: Eman93
  • Kong: Blood_Orange
  • Kong: Arsch
  • FB: NateTheNerdy

All players who participated will receive a Pumpkin Familiar of their very own as well! **NOTE: The familiar will now be created by the team using the image shown above and will be distributed as soon as it is able to be implemented into the game.

Thank you! Congratz! Stay safe out there Dragon Masters and Dragon Riders!!

Dragon Tamer