The bards among you made this one rough, but we've narrowed down our lore masters! I'll be handing out prizes presently and will update this post when that's all done. --Update: Yup, that's all done!--

Rank Player Name Raid Name Lore
1 dman4835 Ugly Insect Diplomat No one is quite sure what motivated the King to appoint a giant ugly insect to a diplomatic post in the first place. The creature is too large to be received in even the largest meeting halls, and does not speak a language anyone can discern. He’s not even very good at his job – he seems to prefer eating foreign diplomats to hashing out peace treaties or trade deals. On the other hand, negotiations with neighboring states have been concluding much faster than normal, so not the worst diplomat we’ve ever had.
2 frazier_TAMS Greedy Vampire Made by Bosso "You're telling me that THING was a toy?"

"Was it really realistic?" Bosso replies excitedly.

"It was a vampire, it killed half of a village! It was taller than me!"

"But did it actually suck their blood?"

"Of course! You are sick, Bosso. How can you call that a toy?"

"Not all of my clients are human. I made those for Gataali's tribe. They had to be big enough to play with. Did the hair look real?"

"You made THOSE? So there are more?!?"
3 SoIIux Desperate Wyrm Of The Desert You have no idea how a desert wyrm managed to get this far out to sea, and you don't really have time to think about it as its tail smashes a section of the deck you very recently occupied. As you pick yourself up and prepare for one of the most improbable fights of your career you notice its clawing and thrashing is less of an "attack" and more "trying to board the ship". It dawns on you that not even the wyrm knows why it's there, and it's desperately trying to make it back to land using your ship. A single thought runs through your mind as you prepare to inform him you've reached maximum capacity...

"Note to self: Commission a bigger ship."
4 Ristridin Well Trained Zombie With A Grudge The zombie seems irritated for some reason. He looks vaguely familiar, but you can't place him. "Have we met before?", you ask. "I'm John", replied the zombie. Hmm... John, John... Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Something must have shown on your face, since the zombie looks even more upset now. "You cannot possibly have forgotten. After all, you killed me!" Oh, he's one of those... Always so hard to deal with... "Sorry about that. Had to save the kingdom and all that. No hard feelings, right? And hey, you're undead now. If you think about it, I extended your lifespan, haha." Awkward. Why can't these people just stay dead? "Extended my lifespan? I'm a rotting body. I've trained and trained, and vengeance shall be mine!" Ugh, why do they always have to be so cliché about it... Still, you can still manage this situation. "I'm sorry, alright. We can talk this out, right Jack?" "It's JOHN!!!" And then there is no more time for talking.
5 ZettaWolf Revenge of the Insect Under a Spell You hadn't even noticed when you accidentally stepped on the tiny insect while fighting his larger brethren. But the unfortunate combination of one of Bertram's spells missing its mark coupled with the spill of a bottle labeled "Chisomo & Sons Alchemy" in the heat of battle has given the overlooked bug a second chance.
6 Cursa Terrible Monster Philosopher "I kill therefore I am!" exclaimed the monster before it attacked.
"Well, there is a reason he isn't called Excellent Monster Philosopher" whispered Lucian.

Special thanks to everyone who participated and made this contest an astounding success! Happy Gaming out there, Dragon Masters!