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Thread: Cleomedes' DOTD and LOTS Story and Lore Docs

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    Cleomedes' DOTD and LOTS Story and Lore Docs

    Cleo shared his work on both games up to the point when he got layed off (dec 2014) in LOTS chat and forum.

    Here is his original post:

    Story and Lore Docs

    5PG have kindly given me permission to share my various story and lore docs, so I've zipped them all together and put them up on Google Drive:

    This should contain everything up to the first week of December 2014, including material written by other past and present 5PG writers (Stranger, Sigune, Atreyu, and Vansau).

    It also contains my 'Verbiage' spreadsheet, where I kept track of my personal 5PG word count, and listed which items in those docs were done by the other writers. Unfortunately, those lists of other people's work aren't broken down by writer, but if you come across a lore blurb you like, and find it listed there, Stranger or I should be able to tell you who wrote it -- so you can assign credit wherever it's due.

    5th Planet will be able to provide a more comprehensive package at their end, including all the material Stranger crafted between December 2014 and now. But these should keep you going in the interim.

    Thank you to all the players who read and enjoyed this stuff over the years, my fellow writers, the artists who brought our words and descriptions to life, and everyone else at 5PG who brought these games into being and worked on them week after week, month after month, and year after year.

    Oh, and one final plug -- since he's far too professional to do anything so crass as to post one himself:

    Those of you who play the other 5PG titles will hopefully enjoy Stranger's writing for a long time to come anyway. But if you're hungry for more of his stuff, or are moving on and will miss his creativity, you can check out his flash fiction on Facebook and Twitter:

    It takes great skill to tell a funny, deep, or tragic tale in a handful of words. So after you've sampled some of his countless gems there, be sure to express your appreciation.

    "...the game in general seems to have a wanton disregard for human life." (Warning: There are Suns story spoilers on that page.)

    A second post of Cleo from another thread:

    Any Lingering Story / Lore Questions?

    As a thousand suns set, I wanted to check if any players still had questions about the game's story or lore, or about the thinking behind any particular element thereof (including creative direction or treasure hunts). If so, feel free to ask. This can include stuff from Dawn, Clash, or Heroes as well, since there's obviously a lot of lore overlap between the Tor'gyyl universe games.

    In some cases there may not be an interesting answer. It might be a matter of, "I didn't have anything specific in mind." or "I never came up with anything canonical for that, since I decided I'd keep it mysterious." But it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Beyond the 29th, when this forum shuts down, if anyone suddenly finds that a question pops into their head, I'll gladly answer it elsewhere.

    Author pages on Goodreads have a Q&A feature (if a writer chooses to enable it). So that's one option. You'd have to create an account (which can also be done by linking a Facebook account), but if you enjoy reading, I'd definitely recommend having one of those anyway. It's a great way of keeping track of the books you've read or want to read.

    You can also reach me on Twitter, though the character limit makes that medium less viable for detailed lore questions / answers.

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