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Thread: [Aug 12th, 2015] Forum/Chat Feedback

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    [Aug 12th, 2015] Forum/Chat Feedback

    Greetings and welcome to another edition of Developer’s Digest. If you’re just joining us for the first time, this is an ongoing Wednesday only post that provides insight and answers from the Dawn Development team (mostly from me, Mouse) into community concerns and questions.

    Forum/Chat Feedback, How it’s Handled
    We always say that we read every post and discuss your feedback at length, but how does that work? What’s the process? Today we’re going to answers those questions and more.

    Where it starts
    Each day Logann and myself (Mouse) will read through the forums. My normal routine is to arrive early in the morning, usually assisted by my cat who has no concept of how long humans should sleep and makes sure my wife and I are on cat-time (the benefit of this is I rarely need to rely on my actual alarm to wake up in the mornings). I make some dwarven coffee (flavored with rocks fresh from the local quarry) and start reading recent posts or checking up on a few threads I want to keep an eye on; a great example of this is the poll asking about familiar animations, I made a note to myself to check that this morning when I came in.

    After reading through new threads and posts I’ll either make notes to myself or post them in our internal chat rooms for people to review later when they get in. When Logann goes through the forums he’ll present either the direct posts in the forums, chat history (world chat) or he’ll write up a summary of several hot topics he’s reading about.

    Feedback discussion
    Later in the day we’ll look over some of those bigger topics and just start talking about it in our internal chat rooms. While many of us sit pretty close by it’s usually most effective to drop it into a chat channel initially so folks can drop by and read it when they have the time to do so.

    Let’s use the Exalted Heroes Chest concern we’ve been hearing recently. That started with Logann dropping some feedback from both the forums and world chat into our chat room. Later in the day I replied with some established discussion we’d already had awhile back on this topic and made a note to myself to bring it up more thoroughly.

    So, this morning when more of the dev team arrived for work we had a quick, verbal talk about some potential solutions and the urgency of the task, etc. From there I also mentioned it to the Dawn Council so they could get their feedback heard as well.

    Depending on the complexity and urgency of the topic, this back and forth can go on for awhile, interchanging between chat rooms and verbal discussions. For really large issues we sometimes schedule meetings and just sit the entire team down to hash it out if necessary; this is especially true for a complicated topic as well.
    It’s also not unheard of to be in the breakroom and start an impromptu discussion as well, “Hey, I was thinking about this topic and had an idea”, etc.

    Championing for change
    While the majority of this process is organic and happens as we go, there’s a lot of structure in place to make sure your feedback is heard by the entire dev team and gets acted upon when we feel it’s needed. We have internal production programs that allow us to create tickets and assign them to people, and Logann is always quick to swoop in atop a dragon (it’s really just a kite with dragon eyes hastily painted on) and keep us up to speed on what’s going on in the community.

    We always read every topic and touch on any piece of feedback we get from the community, that kind of communication is key and helps us focus on improving the game. We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes look in to how we can take your feedback from a post or a suggestion and where it goes from there.

    Until next time, adventurers!


    Posted on the behalf of Mouse, by Logann.

    Please leave your feedback and questions here for possibly getting them answered by the team.
    ** NOTE: Not every question can or will be answered, but we will do our best to answer as many as possible. This will be a Wednesday digest of Questions and Answers.

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    The process described is used by most every team/corporation in bringing ideas to life. Its probably the standard innovation model (in western culture). However, one of the things I've seen asked for is a little more transparency.

    Certainly I've seen some of the suggestions posted brought to life, such as the wish for default Nightmare raid summons, the new vitality potion, a premium that scales with player stats, allowing the red prince set to be a direct buy (one of my guildies spent 35k ap and still never got the missing gloves, and when direct buy was offered, went for it paying 42.5k for the final piece)

    Here is what would be helpful to get me to be a better fan/player/supporter

    1. Innovation isn't easy. Tell us some of the ugly details, don't be vague. Cite an example of a complicated topic that was implemented, one that wasn't implemented and why. What was the divide over and how did the team reach the final decision?

    2. Give updates on ideas you considered and then scrapped or are scheduling for production. If scrapped, what was the issue that led to that decision? (technical, political, timing, company direction)

    3. Give us guidelines when suggesting ideas that help you and the team actually use them. These don't need to be formal, written out, but can be actual ideas you've adopted/responded to in a quick manner or took to an at length discussion. It's not to say we still won't do things our way, but if there is a helpful framework team dotd uses, maybe we can rewrite and reformat or work to edit ideas to help you guys out. I believe most of us on here want to be constructive

    In general, the suggestions players offer is meant to address a need or a challenge that they perceive. Make us a better partner and tell us when we make suggestions what would help the team with deciding what is useful and what isn't useful. Its not a terrible idea if you mention (ie: in one of the digests a month) what ideas did you consider and the verdict for why/why not to adopt it.

    Overall, I do appreciate the post and don't want to make it seem like the process, just want to be a better dotd'er is all. And reduce the feeling some may have which ericchrist1 said better in another thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ericchrist1 View Post
    The issue is not that the Devs became weak in some players eyes, its that this is the internet. People dont see others as people, players forget that this is the livelyhood of these devs, they make money to support their family. And as felendis said in another post about the lag, some of these guys are working overtime to try fixing the lag.

    Though i do admit that sometimes I too see them as just machines, especially when i get responses and speeches that look like a politician thought out. But sometimes devs give a real response and an actual not edited 100 times before posting message that you are like "riiiiiight, he doesnt have a job without this"
    Long story short, help us be better to help you and don't be afraid to be "authentic". Yes this is the internet, but here we are actually overall a pretty good community
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workaholic View Post
    2. Give updates on ideas you considered and then scrapped or are scheduling for production. If scrapped, what was the issue that led to that decision? (technical, political, timing, company direction)
    This is probably one of the things that ought to be considered as far as the SotG posts. Having a list of the ideas that were discussed, and whether they are in the category of "Now in development", "Workable, on the table for future development", "Good idea, shelved until we can look at it more", "Might be worth another look at some point, but not a priority now", "Nice idea, but too much logistics/development to make it workable", or "Not in this lifetime" would at least give forum goers a chance to see what kinds of ideas have been proposed and looked at. That would also help trim some of the repeat posts about "the Devs are ignoring us".

    Or, since that could get to be a very long list considering the amount of ideas posted, a separate (locked and updated monthly) post that lists all the ideas and their status. Implemented, In Work, In Think Tank, Low Priority, Shelved, Rejected, Similar to Idea #X.

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    Thank you for letting us know how the the feedback system works on the inside. It's one thing I've always been curious about, and it's a nice post to come back to after vacation to see

    One thing that I would say is make it more obvious in general that yohu guys are reading through our posts on the forums. Sometimes, on some topics, it feels like we're just speaking at brick walls and our feedback is going nowhere, even if it's not the case.

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