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Thread: New Payment Option for those having issues with Braintree.

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    Exclamation New Payment Option for those having issues with Braintree.

    Hello Dragon Masters!

    For those of you who were having troubles with the new Braintree payment system or would like a new $500 payment tier there is a new option you may try. You will find this new option LINKED HERE.

    This link will honor any current sales based on your purchase time and date, see forums for details, and will be processed by our support team directly. The support team works very hard to get all tickets processed by hand in the order they are received. Though these requests are a high priority for us, there may be delays in processing any purchases made through the new option linked above.

    Each purchase made via this new option will earn the same bonus bags that players purchasing from enjoys.

    To be very clear: this isn’t intended as a replacement for any options currently available to you, but as a workaround for those who have been unable to make purchases through Braintree since it’s recent implementation.

    Thank you Dragon Masters!

    Dragon Tamer

    *** NOTE *** We will honor any sale that is currently being offered at the time of the purchase. Just make sure to let support know you purchased during a sale. We will verify the time and date to make sure you get the full amount of PC you purchased.
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