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Thread: Need More Runes

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    Need More Runes

    A lot of the recent talk about Drogan Mar has focused on how his summoning pool has (apparently) remained static ever since he was first pre-released. Granted, there's not been a lot of new Runes since that time, and most are PCi. To preserve the “I paid for an advantage” element, it may be too early to add those PC Runes to his drops.

    If, for whatever reason, there are no plans for existing Runes that aren't in Drogan's pool to be so added, then the obvious solution is to create new Runes and add them to his pool. The bulk of such Runes should probably be free, but there are niches that can use new paid Runes as well. Drogan will still benefit (scaling stats) even if he cannot immediately summon them.

    Many raid typings have no dedicated Rune against them (PC or free) and have to rely on general-purpose Runes – currently, specialized Runes with a good general-purpose value – to enchant specialized gear sets. Additionally, some raid typings do have free Runes (and in at least one case, paid Runes) that are rendered obsolete by readily available free Runes (and a less-readily-available free Rune that surpasses it). These are the low-hanging fruit for Rune addition.

    Raid categories lacking a relevant dedicated free Rune (excluding timer-dependent, size-dependent, difficulty-dependent, zone-dependent, and health-dependent categories):
    Beast, Beastman, Colosseum Beast, Construct*, Demon, Dragon, Giant Insect, Guild, Human*, Magical Creature, Qwil, Siege, Underground, Undead
    *: Seasonal access only

    Raid categories lacking a relevant dedicated paid Rune (exclusions as above):
    Beast, Colosseum Beast, Construct, Giant, Giant Insect (not that anyone would pay for that as things stand...), Goblin, Guild, Magical Creature, Ogre, Orc, Qwil, Undead

    Specifically, the following Runes, which were previously the best in their categories, have all been made irrelevant for enchanting by the Eye of Karkata (or the Luminous Pearl, for those that somehow stockpiled them):

    • Red Beastman | Qwil | Dragon -Killer (Greater) [[technically, made obsolete before Eye of Karkata]]
    • Carved Pumpkin (still marginally useful if we get a raid w/ 2 or 3 of the Magical/Undead/Demon typings)
    • Iulian (except in legion)
    • Ruzzik's Head (except in legion)
    • Pumpkin
    • Largo's Qwil-Killer
    • Fog of War

    Beyond raid typing, though, there are other niches of Runes that have remained unfilled:

    • PvP (power, bonus, deflect, etc)
    • Resources (+energy, +stamina, +honor for leveling sets)
    • Resource Replenishment (proc energy, stamina, or honor)
    • Health
    • Perception-based proc
    • Set bonuses/discovery procs
    • Quest-click procs (now that Abyss has led the way)

    We've also lost a lot of the glowy effects that the earlier coloured Runes brought us (everything now just gives an enchantment, but not a color. Having Red/Blue/Orange/White/Green/Grey Runes of <foo> would significantly boost Drogan and his utility, making him seem more “worth” the 150PC price that was paid for him.

    That leads to the issue of just how to issue these new Runes. Rather than seeding (many? most?) into loot tables where they'll reduce the SP gain and become hard to acquire once the raids fall out of favor, an alternate system should be investigated.

    Fortuantely, we have many places where crafting could be the answer. Specifically, Daily Assignment Tokens and certain Citadel products (Sergeant's Training Manual, Leather, Steel, Arcane Oil, Officer's Training Manual, The Warwalker's Tactics Manual, and Arcane Essence) just pile up when there's no further use for them.iv I, for instance, have 351 Officer's Training Manuals.... Using them to craft Runes (or other consumables) helps keep their areas of the game relevant without constantly needing to design, test, and add new content (which, often, due to stockpiling, is all acquired the first day it is released).

    In addition to the crafted Runes above, additional paid Runes should enter the picture (and Drogan's summoning pool, if at a rather low rate). Either toss them into the Bazaar (perhaps permanently) or via a Flash Sale NIP-rules Relic Pack (that returns periodically).

    Finally, attention should return again to the Magnificent Conqueror’s Rune in the Guild Shop. It is very subpar for a 200-token Rune and appears to have got overlooked when the Raven set had its recent upgrade. My recommendation would be to do the following:
    i: 4 PC Runes in his pre-release chest, 2 PC Runes with his release, 7 Dawniversary Coins, and 2 free Runes that due to lore reasons may not get included (an Eye and a Pearl). Additionally, the free Eye is a crafting component and there have been arguments against allowing summoners to summon things that can be used to craft other things.

    ii: The lists and the tabular data would get much more “busy” if Drogan had been included. As Drogan is not universally owned and is now gamble-only, assuming him for purposes of balance is unfair to low-spending, free, or new players.

    iii: While the Luminous Pearl may be better on average than the Eye of Karkata and may be able to be much better with max or near max rolls, the supply of Pearls is so low and the supply of Eyes is so high, that the Eyes can easily be rerolled, aiming for perfect or near-perfect stats.

    iv: Two of the Citadel items can be used to craft a consumable map for Adventures and Daily Assignment tokens can be turned into purple-quality perception-reward drop potions for Attack, Defense, or Perception via recrafting unique items like Generals, legions, and boosts. None of these are very much in demand.
    Last edited by Maelyn; 15th June 2015 at 06:30. Reason: typo that I caught; how many more did I miss?

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    They could add a Rune Creating method so players would have to quest/raid/citadel/pvp for the ingredients to make the runes. Add some RNG to the rune creation process so if you mixed 2 Runes or made it so you can specialized a "normal" rune that just adds stats, it would give a random min/max attack each time. For example; mix a Excelsior rune with an ingredients good vs dragon, you have a potential to make a rune that specializes vs dragons with the stats of 30-180 atk, 10-30 def, 80-220 per. Ingredients could adjust the runes strength making it 125% stronger of even specializing some with could lower the potential stats by 50%. I am not good with numbers and all but this could add a ton of possibilities to runes.

    Or you could just add more specialized runes for each classification with each new type that comes out and letting Drogan Mar be able to summon it

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