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MAY 3, 2015 CYBRESS89
Tor’gyyl. A world teeming with sentient races and the scores of civilizations they’ve carved out upon its lands and within its seas. Humans and elves, warriors and wizards, scholars and barbarians… These and countless other beings both unfathomable and inscrutable call Tor’gyyl home.
But among all these multitudes, the millions of denizens who vary in shape and hue and might, our gaze falls upon one lone individual – a man who dwells in the kingdom of West Kruna. Felix Eldraco .
Felix was working in the field when they came, just a common farmhand earning a living through the strength of his back and the sweat of his brow. Such things as wyrms and ogres were the stuff of children’s stories, and nothing more.
Then the dragons’ forces arrived. A dark army charging towards Burden‘s Rest.
Packs of vicious kobolds sweeping into the fields to slaughter those caught outside the town… Felix’s old life was over.
Around him other farmhands scream in fear, unable to understand what’s happening. Then they scream in pain, as the grotesque creatures begin their slaughter. The murderous eyes of a kobold met his gaze , and the kobold’s blade flashes at his neck.
Felix in a mad attempt at survival raised his hoe that he had been using to farm the field with, just in time to block the death-dealing blow of the Kobold!
The Kobold gave a low growl, the creatures eyes narrowing at the man’s successful block. Felix fearing that the Kobold would call for its nearby allies, lunged and started attacking the Kobold, fighting for his life.
The Kobold sneered and chuckled at his clumsy attempt to fight back, suddenly the Kobold charged and slashed at Felix’s chest.
Felix abandoning his earlier attempts, jumps back in time as the blade harmlessly cuts the air, only a hair’s breath from his exposed chest….
The Kobold continuously slashed and stabbed at Felix, but Felix now put into a defensive position just kept on dodging the swinging sword.
The Kobold growing impatient of the battle, raised both of its hands holding the sword above its head ran towards Felix. Felix’s eyes brightened as he saw his chance to end the murdering Kobold, Felix raised his hoe using it like a lance or pike, charged towards the running Kobold.
The Kobold realizing the danger to late, felt the metal end of hoe plunge into his stomach, as the life left its eyes it gazed at the human before it in disbelief.
The kobold falls to the ground, and splutters out his last breath. For the moment Felix was safe, and part of him yearned to run, to leave the madness far behind. Then he heard one of the other farmhands crying out for help, he quickly dismissed the thought of running away and grabbed the fallen Kobold’s sword, dropping the bloody hoe and rushed to the farmhands aid.
With a swing of your newly acquired sword you put an end to the Kobold that was attacking the poor farmhand. The farmhand grateful for saving him, gazes at you and grabs the now dead Kobolds sword, joining you in the fray to rescue the other farmhands from the Kobolds. As Felix and the other farmhand rescue the others, and vanquished more of the Kobolds, the rescued farmhands join Felix’s counterattack arming themselves with the very swords that was meant to kill them.
The kobolds are weak and cowardly. They sought to murder defenseless people, not battle with armed men and women. Now, as he, Felix, rallied the other farmhands to fight back, the Kobolds began to falter.
A roar of primal fury tears from Felix’s mouth as he charged.
Victory! The kobolds flee before him, many casting aside their arms in their haste to escape his vengeance. He moved to pursue them, to cut them down in their flight and make them pay in blood for those they had slain. Then a stocky, armored figure shoves his way through the other kobolds.
His blade lashes out once, twice, and two of the kobolds fall lifeless to the ground. He shouts something in a bestial tongue, no doubt a warning of the grim fate that awaits deserters. The remaining kobolds stop running, and slowly begin to line up behind their chieftain.
It’s was clear what Felix had to next . He had cut the chieftain down, and strike fear into the hearts of his followers…
Felix and the kobold chieftain charge at each other, there swords clash against each other, their blows raising small gusts of wind at the power behind each other swings.
Kobold chieftain, arrogant in his belief to be far superior than the human man before him felt sure he could slay the puny man. Felix dived in and rolled underneath the kobold chieftain’s sword, slicing the legs of the Kobold.
Roaring in pain and fury at the blow, the kobold chieftain kicked at Felix’s body, Felix who was still in the roll position had no time to react as he felt the powerful kick hit his back.
Felix’s felt the breath kicked out of lungs and was stunned, the kobold chieftain smiled smugly at the fallen human, sure of his victory.
Felix realizing death was almost upon him used the rest of his willpower and closed his eyes hoping for the best as his sword plunged towards the gloating kobold chieftain.
The kobold chieftain expression twisted from, smugness,shock, respect, anger, as he felt the sword strike his heart!
Felix hastily scrambled up from his fallen position, already recovered from being stunned, his back aching and his arms shaking from fatigue.
The kobold chieftain suddenly bellowed in defiance, but blood and strength flowed together from his wounds. The blade drops from his hand, and his eyes widen as if in disbelief. He grunts something in his unintelligible language. Perhaps a word of congratulations to a superior warrior. Perhaps a bitter curse. Then he falls, toppling over like a felled oak tree. The other kobolds are in flight before he hits the ground. They don’t get far.
Suddenly Felix hears the clattering of hooves, the rattling of arms and armor. Sounds which went unheeded during his battle with the chieftain. Now he sees a group of horsemen, the town’s guards back from patrol, as they ride down the surviving kobolds – dispatching them with thrusts of their lances and swings of their gleaming swords.
The guard captain wheels his horse round and faces Felix.
“The town! They’re in the town!”
Felix looks up towards Burden’s Rest in the distance, and see the dark mass flowing amongst the shining white buildings. The battle isn’t over yet.
The others look to Felix for guidance, even the guard captain. His men have trained to fight packs of bandits, not wage war. For better or worse, Felix’s actions of slaying the kobold chieftain had placed him in charge.
Felix then calls for the remaining farmhands to grab what weapons they could from the dead.
Then he begins marching towards Burden’s Rest, to rescue it from its enemies or else die alongside his fellow townspeople.