Patch Notes: December 31, 2010

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Bragging:
    • New bragging messages can now be posted on your Facebook walls. If you kill a Quest boss, loot a Raid boss, gain a level, obtain an Expedition item, or win a PvP battle, you'll have the option of announcing this achievement on your wall. Delight your friends with tales of your exploits!
    • They'll even get Gold for clicking on them, so they too can revel in your victories.
  • Timers:
    • With Christmas over, the halved timers have reverted back to normal.
    • However, after careful consideration, and listening to feedback from our players, we've introduced some permanent reductions to the Energy and Stamina timers for the level 100, 500, and 1000 classes.
  • Christmas presents can no longer be obtained from Gifting and Get Help requests. However, they can still be purchased in the Bazaar for a short period of time.

Bug Fixes
  • The backgrounds for the Zombie Horde and Bogstench should now be displayed correctly.
  • Certain Quests were previously missing from the Nightmare incarnation of Bludheim. These should reappear.
  • The Seeker of Legends achievement (for obtaining Legendary items) will now recognise and reward your existing items correctly.
  • The Popular achievement, based on Army size, should display the correct number on the tool-tip. But note that the starting member you get (the one who represents yourself) doesn't count towards this.

Known Issues
  • N/A

Rev .1071