I've seen a lot of people complain about being hit too many times in the colosseum but there's no incentive for the strong NOT to hit the weak. How about a tribute system? Where after, say, 10 victorious hits in a row, the loser will be offered the option of paying the winner tribute in the form of stat points or planet coins. For example, a button comes up in the colosseum and asks if you want to pay someone 50 percent of your stat points for the next week to avoid being hit by that person or maybe one PC a day. Something to make it worthwhile not to be hit. And it would give the attacker incentive not to chain so much. 10 or more victorious hits in a row per day (in a row meaning on the same person, there could be others in between) would activate the button. Or it could be honor points with a banner on the winner's page saying something to the effect of "Now collecting tribute from . . . " and would list the people paying tribute. How humiliating. I love it.