Patch Notes: December 17, 2010

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Bludheim:
    • Zone 6 has now been released. Upon defeating Nalagarst in Vornstaag, Bludheim will become available on the newly enlarged World Map.
    • The story continues. Just click the book icon in the bottom left corner of the Zone Banner to read what's happened to you since Vornstaag.
    • A wealth of new Quests await, filled with dire perils in this strange and harsh region of West Kruna.
    • Five new Raid bosses stalk the land, laden down with valuable new loot items.
    • New Crafting and Collection recipes have appeared on the Craft page.
    • New items can be purchased in the Bazaar.
    • New Achievements have been added.
  • The Winter Festival has come to West Kruna!:
    • Six presents - brown, grey, green, blue, purple, and orange - have been placed in the game, and will be there for the next two weeks.
    • These may be obtained from Gifting and Get Help requests, or purchased in the Bazaar.
    • Some of these presents contain new items, specially prepared for the Winter Festival.
    • There are also special Crafting ingredients in these presents, which can be used in the seasonal recipes at the bottom of the Craft page.
  • And this expression of holiday spirit doesn't end there. Over the next two weeks, the timers for your attribute bars (Health, Energy, Stamina, Honor) will be cut in half! That's right, you'll have even more resources to play the game with.
  • But we're still not done. During this two week period of festive cheer, all direct Planet Coin purchases will include free bonus coins!
  • We're also permanently increasing the drop rate of Tyranthius' Ashes and the ingredients for the Shield of Ryndor. Why not demonstrate your merry goodwill by rescuing Lady Elaine from the depths of the Shield of Shalott? Then you could celebrate by assembling your legendary shield.
  • Consumable items now appear in the main Inventory view.
  • Four new Limited Items are now being sold on the Home and Bazaar pages, and these too were selected with the Winter Festival in mind.

Bug Fixes
  • Summoning Misako now correctly uses Personal Runes instead of Small Runes.
  • Defeating a boss with a Haste proc should no longer cause issues.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Colosseum tickets to sometimes display a negative value.
  • Added the missing Achievement for killing Tainted Erebus.

Known Issues
  • N/A

Rev .1034