Scheduled Maintenance


  • For one week only! Get up to 45% bonus on Planet Coin purchases on all platforms and servers:, Facebook, Kongregate, Armor Games, Newgrounds and the World Server.

  • Crystal Dawn Chests have returned!
    • Brown-Grey, Green-Blue, and Purple-Orange Crystal Dawn Chests are now available in the Bazaar. These are available until January 2nd, 2015
    • All new boosts can be crafted using Crystal Dawn Coins to enhance the Crystal Dawn set
    • Lay waste to the Castles of your enemies and the Dragons who oppose you with the all new Fjallgeirr's set! Crafted using Crystal Dawn Coins

  • The Yule Present Bearer has returned!
    • The Yule Present Bearer may appear as a miniboss in any of the following zones on Nightmare difficulty only: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15
    • May drop crafting ingredients which can be used to create last year's Yule Present Bearer items as well as all new items, including the Yule Present Bearer Essence!
    • This year we have increased the Yule Present Bearer's chance to appear and changed it so he is guaranteed to drop at least three items from his loot table every time
    • The Yule Present Bearer will have a chance to appear until January 2nd, 2015

  • In addition to their normal items, all Daily Login boxes contain Winter Festival Cake which restores 25% of your base Energy when consumed
  • Zone 4 (Ryndor) and Zone 5 (Vornstaag) have had their health (number of clicks) reduced on various difficulties
    • Energy costs, Experience and Gold payouts have been adjusted accordingly

  • The Titaran Piper's Limited Offer set is now available from the Bazaar and will remain so until all pieces have been discounted at least once on the homepage
  • This week's Discounted Limited Offers are:
    • Constructors and Constructs Chest - 30% Discount until December 12th, 2014
    • Ghostly Piper - 25% Discount until December 12th, 2014

Engines of War Event Raid

  • Summoned December 8th, 2014 and December 10th, 2014


  • In Colosseum only ‘in game names’ will appear instead of the player's Facebook name.


  • The magic inventory menu appears just above the slot instead of in the middle of the screen.


  • Text for raids with multiple parts (Hydra and Bogstench) displays properly.
  • The clickable area for purchasing personal runes in advanced mode is now the entire text field.
  • The menu for sending a raid link to chat is centered on the screen.
  • Raids can no longer be engaged using tab+enter when engaging a raid.
  • Trying to summon a raid without enough runes displays an error message.
  • Completed raids in basic view show the player's damage done to the raid.
  • Items received from hitting a raid display in purple to make it stand out in the log.
  • Raids in chat from disbanded guilds cannot be joined.


  • The difficulty dropdown menus is disabled when switching areas to avoid having the text in the menu sometimes display incorrectly.
  • Animations in quest areas can be toggled on and off.


  • Items being created have a black background so they are easier to view
  • A tooltip has been added to items that are in the process of being created


  • Daily rewards will display when switching servers without requiring a refresh
  • Burning bones and similar items that show in the buff display disappear when consumed from a raid attack.
  • Consumable items in Expedition packs no longer highlight when none are owned.

  • When you receive an item in a raid (now as purple text) any procs that occur immediately after will also be purple

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