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Thread: No loot from adventure boss

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    No loot from adventure boss

    Hello, I encountered a problem with not recieving any loot from an adventure node.

    Title: Got no loot from adventure boss after adventure failed and maintenance happened.

    Setup: Guildmate killed adventure boss. Then the adventure failed. Then maintenance began. When I came to loot it I got Nothing of value was found screen.

    Steps to reproduce: I can't reproduce a maintenance.

    Results: When I clicked Close in the Finished adventures tab, I got Nothing of value was found screen and no guild xp or guild reputation.

    Expected behavior: I should have gotten loot from the adventure boss, guild xp and guild reputation.

    Notes: It was node 2 on Amphitheatrics, I did a little over 1m damage.
    Others in the adventure got their loot because they looted the boss before the maintenance.
    Unfortunately I didn't make a screenshot since I thought the boss failed at first. Then guildies told me it died and we had 1 hp left.
    Levi is very, very good-looking.

    Thanks for looking into it,

    KurtvonByrokrat / Tibor

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    the tech team will look into it

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