Web Patch Notes: February 28th, 2014

Scheduled Maintenance


  • Ticket Vendor
    • Galphor the Ticket Vendor will exchange Planet Coins for Festival Tickets; he's sometimes a little generous or somewhat forgetful and he may give you more tickets than you had paid for. Just smile, thank him and enjoy the Festival!

  • Training Dummy - Test your might against 21 Ranks of Training Dummies!
    • Ranks 1 to 20 hold special prizes for those strong enough to face their challenges.
    • Rank 21 awards no prizes but is a great way to show off just how strong you are!

  • Magic Vortex - The great void beyond beckons, its maw wide for... Festival Tickets! When you stare into the void, you feel as if something is staring back...
    • Spend Festival Tickets for a chance at great prizes! Some of which cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Festival Gambit - Enter any of the three Gambits for a chance to win glorious prizes!
  • Each Gambit has its own form of entry and window of opportunity to participate in.
    • Traveler's Gambit - With an entry fee of a little gold your name could be drawn every 6 hours; every 1000 Gold counts as an entry.
    • Dreamer's Gambit - With an entry fee of Festival Tickets, your name could be drawn every 8 hours; every Festival Ticket counts as an entry.
    • Dragon's Gambit - Runs until the day before the Festival drifts on! Entering into the Dreamer's Gambit automatically enters you into the Dragon's Gambit.
      • All Gambits run until the Dragon's Gambit has ended, usually the day before the scheduled maintenance of Dawn of the Dragons.
      • Prizes are not guaranteed! You are entering for a chance to win fantastic rewards.

  • Fortune Teller - Melow the Fortune Teller can see into your past or future, with a few Festival Tickets he can bestow upon you spells that will increase your Attack, Defense, Legion Damage Bonus, or Perception to name a few
    • You may only be under the effects of one Fortune at a time. Each Fortune lasts for 1 hour.
    • You may replace your current Fortune before the hour has pased by purchasing another Fortune from Melow.
    • The Fortune will be shown in the Buff Display Panel.

  • Winner's Board - The 5 most recent 1st Place Winners of the Traveler's, Dreamer's and Dragon's Gambits and finding rare items from the Magic Vortex will find their names on this board.

  • This weeks Limited Offers are:
    • Legion: The Twilight
    • Magic: Rage of the Twilight

  • Daily Rewards have been changed for this week only:
  • Free tickets to the Festival of Drifting Dreams all week!
    • Days 1 through 6: 25 Festival Tickets
    • Day 7: Idol of the Devoted

  • Reduced Animations feature has arrived!
    • Enabling Reduced Animations (found next to the Sound and Music options) will disable or reduce the animations of the Campaign Fog of War, Campaign Chilling effect and Festival Magic Vortex.
    • Reduced or disabled animations for animated raids, equipment and familiars will be introduced in a future patch.

  • New Event Raid: Cedric the Smashable!
    • The coordinators of the Festival of Drifting Dreams have fashioned a great dragon made of paper and sticks; filled with candy, potions, crystals and strange envelopes!


  • Jarka the Draugr-Killer's Proc Description has been changed to reflect her actual damage: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Campaigns; Chance to proc twice on the same hit

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