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Thread: Troubleshooting and Tech Support reports

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    Troubleshooting and Tech Support reports

    Hello Dragon Masters!

    We’re making improvements in how support requests are handled in the Dawn of the Dragons and Clash of the Dragons with modifications being made to the forums. This has been in place on the Legacy of a Thousand Suns forums for several months and has been very effective. These changes are being implemented to improve support team response times and fostering increased community interaction.

    Beginning 12/19/13, all support requests that require direct intervention from 5th Planet Games staff (bug reports, payment problems, etc) should be submitted through the new Tech Support form. Upon submission of the form or receipt of email, our software will automatically generate a support ticket. Our support team at 5PG will handle your ticket from that point forward.

    Any issues that don’t require direct 5PG staff intervention, such as questions about computer hardware, software, internet service providers, and should be submitted to the new Troubleshooting subforum! This new subforum is meant to be a peer-to-peer support area, where players can help their fellow Dragon Masters conquer whatever issues that ail them! Your community manager, Logann, will monitor this section and guide players to submit support tickets when their issue requires it.

    In summary: the new Tech Support form is for creating support tickets and the new Troubleshooting subforum is for non-critical player-to-player troubleshooting discussions.

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