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Thread: Timers all messed up and not corrolating

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    Timers all messed up and not corrolating

    I summoned a NM krug yesterday. I logged in this morning and saw that my small raid timer was @ 40 hours.... not having had my coffee I thought nothing of it....

    I just checked my active personal raids and I see my NM krug still alive and kicking so I double checked what I saw this morning.

    My small raids says I have 40 hours left until I can summon again however my NM krug is ALIVE and it has 34 hours to be killed before it fails. How can my small raids be on cooldown when my small raids should be locked and why are the 2 timers saying 40 hours and 34 hours....

    You have been weighed, you have been measured and you have absolutely.... been found wanting.

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    it occasionally happens, but timer will reset correctly as soon as your raid gets completed

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