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Thread: Personal Raid is 'dispatched' without me after completion, no loot

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    Personal Raid is 'dispatched' without me after completion, no loot


    1. I summoned a personal raid, in my case 'Spectral Erebus'
    2. Engaged the raid in the new raid tab and finished it in one go.
    3. Clicking OK returned me to the new raid tab, but the raid is shown there as full health and 0/1 participants.
    4. Clicking on ENGAGE! again says the raid is already dispatched.
    5. Going to the finished raid tab, the raid is there like any raid I joined and did not take part in, only options are VIEW and CLOSE, no LOOT option.

    Up to step 3 I reproduced this behavior. The second time it happened, I refreshed the raids trying to get the loot, and it was shown correctly in the finished tab.

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    might happen due to lag or temp glitch. refreshing page should fix it , but please make sure to not click "close" before that

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