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Thread: >> Please read before posting reports

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    Exclamation >> Please read before posting reports

    This is the section you can post about possible bugs & issues you are facing while playing Dawn of the Dragons.
    When creating a report, please include information such as :

    - Screen that issue occurred
    - Description of how it occurred
    - Browser version & OS (for display issues)
    - Possibly a screenshot as attachment

    Posts about bugs that where resolved will be moved to Old Reports Archive

    Thank you!
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    To better help accommodate issues found by our forum base, please report newly found bugs using the format below.

    Remember to be as detailed as possible in order to help the Devs better facilitate reproduction on their end which will speed up the time it takes to get a fix in.

    When applicable, always include a screen shot, or video of the bug as it happens; the more information the better.

    Also note if you are able to reproduce the issue and how many times it has occurred, if you cannot reproduce the bug with the steps you provide to the Devs, it is very likely they won’t be able to reproduce it either and therefore may not get a fix in for the reported issue.

    Please feel free to converse with your fellow forum goers about any new or current issues if you have any questions about them, the more help you can get trying to reproduce a tricky bug the better. And the more information you get of what is happening can only be beneficial.

    When creating a bug report use the template below as it is written. Though bugs found in will vary in nature, the basic template should always stay the same.


    Title: What the bug is in a brief, one line sentence. –
    "I cannot proceed to Town Square after completing all of the Fields quests on Normal”

    Setup: Any requirements needed in order to reproduce the bug -
    "1.Go to the Quest section in Burden’s Rest
    2. Complete all the Fields quests on Easy
    3. Defeat Chieftain Horgrak
    3.(Additional requirements as needed go here depending on bug)"

    Steps to reproduce: What steps are needed to reproduce the bug -
    "1. Click on Town Square
    2. (Additional requirements as needed go here depending on bug)"

    Results: What occurs after the setup requirement are met and steps to reproduce happen -
    "Clicking on Town Square does not open up the next set of quest for that area"

    Expected: What is expected to happen normally -
    "Town Square is accessible after clicking on it"

    Notes: Any addition information or clarification that may be helpful such as Logs etc. -
    "1. Still occurs after refreshing
    2. Occurs 100% of the time
    3. See attached screen shot pasted below etc.
    4. Levi is very, very good-looking”

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