Web Patch Notes: September 20, 2013

Scheduled Maintenance


  • Dawn of the Dragons will be featuring members from The Guild monthly for the remainder of 2013!

  • Introducing a new premium general, Vork!
    • Vork's Attack and Defense increases by 20 for every 6 different troops owned.
    • Increases the Player's Attack, Defense and Perception.
    • Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Melee troop in the legion.
    • Boosts the power of all your legions by 100%.

  • Now available for one week only: Durston's Demon Destroyer Potion!
    • Increases Attack against Demons by 2,500 for 3 hours.

  • New Limited Offers: Vork, The Forgotten One's Armor, The Forgotten One's Bracers, and The Forgotten One's Salwar
  • New Player Intro Video.
  • New players will be introduced to Dawn in a whole new way! Let the Disciple of the Traveler guide you on your quest.

  • New HUD!
    • The "Ranks" button has been moved to the homepage.
    • The FAQ, ToS and Forums buttons have been moved to the homepage.
    • The Patch Notes button has been moved to the bottom of the homepage; Ranks has replaced its previous position.
    • The Buff Display may now be activated by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the avatar picture.
    • Double clicking your avatar portrait will still take you to your profile.
    • The Army Button has been moved to the player profile screen.
    • An icon will now appear on the Profile button if you have unspent Stat Points.
    • An icon will now appear on the Guilds button if there are unread guild chat messages.
    • An icon will now appear on the Guilds button if a guild raid has been summoned.

  • New World Raid: Kevinator
    • Kevinator will be summoned on 9/20/13.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Raids to lose damage.
    • Fixed an issue with high level players being unable to level.


    • Display Issue: Commanders and equipment currently do not count toward Legion Power or Damage.
    • Display Issue: Completed raids do not always display accurate complete dates.
    • Display Issue: Legion's that utilize a standard bonus as well as a special bonus don't visually add both bonuses together as they should (actual damage does, however).