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Thread: Major Landmarks in a WR

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    Major Landmarks in a WR

    Using myself as the only data point, and the current WR as the example:

    I got to 9B damage (the landmark where you get all five banners) in... I don't know 48 hours or so. I didn't have the pots or interest in spending PC to get to 50B, which was the next major. There was really nothing in between, which left me with a lot of time left on the WR, and not a lot of incentive to keep hitting it.

    It seems like there is room for another landmark or two, but then again, i don't know what the whole range of the community can be expected to do.

    Long way of asking my question: Are worldraids set up so that most players spend most of the world raid hitting it? Are they supposed to be?

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    Every World Raid is designed with an intent in mind. Some are designed to be a bit more favorable for newer players whereas others are more favorable to more veteran raiders.

    Generally we want every World Raid to provide something for everyone though.

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