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Thread: Bug Tracker/ Feature Request Engine

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    Bug Tracker/ Feature Request Engine

    This was originally going to be part of an open letter, but I thought this might be a good time to bring it up, so here are some suggestions I would like to know if you have contemplated. Both of these are somewhat linked.

    Open Bug Tracker

    There are numerous problems with using the forums to track bug, including the fact that multiple people cannot add input and more details, not knowing how many people are having the problem, and inability for the devs to narrow down the issue with the reporters and ask for more info. While Lena is amazing as a gatekeeper, there is a point when it is good to get a better back and forth to narrow in on issues.

    Additionally, it would allow answers such as “ Won’t Fix” and easier searching for just bugs.

    Enhancement Request/Voting System

    One of the projects I used to be connected with the community on was Zimbra, the email program. They had a great site that they had feature requests on, and people could vote on the ones that were most important to them. They had 10 votes, and you could change them once issues were resolved, etc. Instead of a poll, this would be a great way to get an ongoing update on the things the community is most interested in. Additionally, there are responses allowed, enabling for updates specific to that issue. I believe this would be extremely helpful in setting schedules and priorities.

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    Finding more ways to allow the community to give direct feedback and a more clear way to report bugs is something we're looking into for the future.

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