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Thread: Either Cogs general + golems or potions don't add properly perception

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    Either Cogs general + golems or potions don't add properly perception

    I play on Kongregate using FF, my stats for perception are:
    15200 base perception
    20670 with enchanted gg
    21170 with 500+ blue perc potion
    22128 with perception legion

    My perception legion are Tundra Stalkers, they got both Cogs, 17 artificers and 1 clockwork golem

    With the total perception of more than 22k I would expect drops blue-purple-orange.
    However after quite some testing - around 200k energy - none of the drops was orange. I assume with such an amount of energy used I can exclude the RNG factor.

    So my conclusion is that one of those additional perc boost is not working properly, although properly dispayed in my profile.
    I don't include any screenshots, as I have put in here all the info that was in my opinion needed, Please inform me whether I should provide any more details.

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    I agree here - have tested both with pots OR with legion - none of them seem to be working. Perhaps it was meant to be this way? But why cheating us and putting info of the perceptpion on the main screen?

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