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Thread: Facebook Raids Joining

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    Facebook Raids Joining

    first of all i didnt find a proper topic on forum so i need to ask a question about DotD on Facebook.

    Whats the best option, most efficient way of getting raids. I find it hard to join a right amount of raids i would attempt on forum requests. So I think there should be different way to get raid links from other players. I know that the best players ve to hit hundreds of raids each stamina bar, but I don't know where did they get all raids.

    Im new on FB DotD so if someone could solve and explain that problem for me, I would be grateful.


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    Hi xlawx and welcome to the Forums.
    There are many ways you can get raids on Facebook:
    Your facebook feed - friends posting raids will show up here
    Groups - there are many player run groups out there for the sole purpose of gathering raids. Many are farming groups, such as CPO and FEW. These farm groups summon specific bosses at specific times to maximise your loot return. You can get in excess of 2000 raids at a time from the larger groups. There are also many generic groups where players will post the raids they summon/find. there is normally a constant trickle of raids into these groups rather than a large amount once or twice a week. Groups such as Mount Olympus are good for this.
    There is also World Chat - if you log into the standalone DotD site ( you will see a chat window open as well. This is World Chat and you can get questions answered there. More importantly you will send literally hundreds of raids being posted which you are free to join.
    Does your Guild have a FB page? If not why not! All guild members should post raids they summon/find to aid their colleagues.

    Apologies I cannot give you direct links to anything but I am at work with limited access.

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    The easiest way to find raids is to play DotD on their own site (where you are now, minus the "/forums" bit) where there's world chat available. Loads of raids get shared there all the time.

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