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Thread: Perception Solution for All Players

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    Lightbulb Perception Solution for All Players

    Not sure if this belongs here or in Future Releases, but anyway..
    I said this in other threads, but it seems good enough to deserve it's own thread here in Suggestions.

    I'm trying to tackle the problems with perc from the broadest possible view with this solution.

    1st: Shorten the perc tiers.
    2nd: Make the (shorter) tiers soft capped on both ends.
    3rd: Make the drop rate steadily, but very slowly, increase with your perc.

    Here's why:

    1) Most people on the forum view the tiers as (at least somewhat) overwhelming. (And many more players would say they share that opinion if they were active here on the forum. But, as we all know, the majority of people on here are stronger players who fully understand the game - which is far from representative of the player base as a whole.)

    2) Tiers in raids are one thing. Tiers in a stat are something else entirely. In order for a stat to seem worthwhile to most players, there has to be some benefit to each and every single point you add to it. That is the case with every other stat in the game, and it should also be true for perception.
    (Yes, I know [now] that within a tier, your chance for the better colors of that tier increases as your perc does. But that was not spelled out very well. From how people are talking, most still aren't aware of this element at all. Even of those who are aware of it, no one has any indication of how that progression works, so we assume it isn't all that significant.)

    An example of how the soft-tier system could work is that if you're in the mid-tier, you mostly get blues and greens. But you'd also have a small chance at greys, a smaller chance at purples, a very small chance at browns, and a reasonably tiny chance at oranges.
    Naturally, these chances would be rearranged as your perc increases.

    3) Slowly increasing drop rates makes sense as just another way to make each point count. Plus, it's part of the old system that can be somewhat carried over.
    Also, even people who're active on the forum seem to be under the impression that perc still influences drop rates. It seems to be a point of confusion that would be difficult to dispel among the otherwise well-informed, nevermind the average or casual player who never looks at the forum.

    The point of these 3 changes is that, this way, every point of perc has meaning, beyond just getting you a tiny bit closer to the next threshold. With each point you add, you slightly increase your chance to get a drop, slightly increase your chance for that drop to be of higher quality, and slightly decrease your chance at the disappointing brown.

    Everyone should be satisfied with this kind of solution -- weaker players get something for adding a handful of perc, and stronger players don't stop getting something for adding perc, even after passing the top tier.
    Everyone wins.... or at least, no one loses.

    Edit: Of course, the value of perc will be transformed when it's finally implemented in other systems, but in the mean time, the existing system should be - and is being - viewed as a standalone feature, because that's pretty much what it currently is.
    Therefore, it needs to have the same balance as every other individual system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleotto View Post
    ^^100% agree (too bad we don't have someone of this caliber in the council)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarHunter5 View Post
    in my experience any time you remove random chance from a game [just about any game], you run the risk of removing a lot of the fun from the game.
    There is nothing wrong with a system of tiers for the drops, what is wrong is having it drop items only from the tier that you are in.
    The drops in Perception should be in the form of a bell curve where the top of the curve is the tier for your score but you still have a chance to get items outside of your tier. It should never be impossible to get any drop, tho very rare is fine.
    Adding points to your perception score should move the top of the bell curve along till more and more of it is in the next tier.

    As to Upgrading Items,
    There is nothing wrong in being able to convert 3 or 4 of a brown to get a grey, and then convert 3 or 4 grey's to get a green and so on and so on.
    Converting gives you the ability to get items that are out side of your tier and since it takes a lot of items to upgrade from a brown potion/book to an orange one, this will not unbalance the game as higher level players will always get more of the purple and orange [and red if available] than any lower level player.

    I have seen good games where they have tried to restrict or even completely remove the fun elements for the lower or new players and they went and completely destroyed that good game and then that game DIED.
    DO Not let it happen here!!!

    All opinions and players are valuable.
    Mostly the same as what I said, only stated a bit better. lol
    Quote Originally Posted by eagleotto View Post
    ^^100% agree (too bad we don't have someone of this caliber in the council)

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    Hell yeah. Well said.

    I also think that perhaps perception should come in 5's, as health. It isn't a really important stat, just a "luxury" one, and i don't see the point in giving it that much significance.

    The 5-increment thing could fit your "shortening" of tiers thing well enough. Or maybe it isn't at all needed.

    Let's hope we turn this thing useful, cause this way it is really dissapointing...

    (I'd prefer to see perception as a chance of gaining items from mini bosses, instead of simply questing. But those items would be nice ones, such as energy/stam pots, scrolls, etc, instead of boosts. Get pots from poerception, and boosts with SP, that would do...
    But i guess it is a matter of taste this one - or merchandise)

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