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View Poll Results: What best summarizes your opinion of the recent perception changes?

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  • The removal of potion up-crafting is major mistake.

    86 47.78%
  • Perception's drop rates are way too low now.

    60 33.33%
  • The tiers are way too high.

    71 39.44%
  • I'm content with the changes.

    61 33.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Opionion Poll on the Perception Change

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    on low level quests i find drop rate is diabolical, though i have had more low lvl stat bookd drop though i am not sure its better than the occasional higher lvl one that used to occur. the first time i swopped tohigher cost i got drops at a nice consistent rate but all low lvl ones as i only have 1571 perception. today however i spent over 2800 energy on quests with a 90 cost and i got not a single drop i dont see the point in fixing something that wasnt broken or was there something i am missing?

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    I don't know what the devs have done but i have gone from only getting grey perception pots since the change pots to nothing in the last 2 days.. I am doing dragon claw zone so not using as much energy as a lot of the other's are doing but i am still after ungraded mina. This change is in no way better than it was before. Better sp? Chance would be a fine thing.

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