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Thread: another no topic story relating to DotD

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    another no topic story relating to DotD

    Hello all. It is once again story time from the author of the DotD fan content works like Siih the love sick dragon and Luucy the invisable.

    Long before any sort of interactions of the dragons and men it was believed that the dragons and their 'followers' were nothing more than mindless beasts. The dragons plagued the lands around their homes and no human or elf citizen was safe from their wrath.

    George is a beast hunter by trade. He and a small group support themselves and their families by hunting nuisances that can not be ignored for the rich and poor like. Many times accepting goods because no gold was to be paid. They well well kept year round until one time coming home from hunting down a nest of roc they discovered their home town burned and butchered only hours before their return. Survivors claim it the work of a single dragon. Georges own wife as well as many others bodies carried off deep into the mountains. As soon as the band could resupply they head out to slay the beast that made it personal.

    Each hunter of the group had a specific specialty of target. One giant lizards, another mutant fish, however none had the job of hunting dragons. George was eldest without a specific mark so he was chosen to lead the hunt. At first he was thrilled then horrified of the huge challenge before him. Normally he would take advice of those who have succeeded in hunting their prey before but in this case no mortal man had ever fell a dragon. So he learned of known traits of dragons and looked to slay the beast the way all hunters of their kind hunt their prey.

    Once the trap was set and all in position the bait was sent down the dragon's cave. Those that are the bait had to be nimble and quick of mind, body and whit. Yet nothing could have saved him for the trap inside the entrance of the cave as just outside the light of torch a gush of fire came out of a dragons mouth and killed the man slowly. The rangers started loosing their missiles aimed for the dragons eyes. The blows were taken by the dragons side instead then the dragon began it's charge. Just as planned.

    Right when the dragon was about to step out of it's cave it stopped. Almost smirked as it went back inside deep into the darkness. George cursed as the carefully laid net fell moments later. The beast was intelligent. It must have seen the delayed trip wire. Luckily no hunter relies on a single trap or method. Left with the worst case scenario the hunters were forced to enters the bests lair.

    George knew he was in a spot. He could not let the others see his incompetence nor stop the others from theirs. At least he still had control of the hunt and he did not let blind anger blind his actions that needed reason and intelligence. If he was going to prove he was worthy of being the dragon hunter then he must go in alone. George took his heavy equipment off and ordered a new trap be set. “This time I am going to be the bait.” Reluctantly the others took his word and started setting up a new trap.

    As George went further down the cave he smelt the decay and deification of the beast. This time he used the magic helm that the head hunter has that enhances the vision and hearing to those that blackness and complete silence is instead dim lit and quiet. At first he went slow and very cautious. In fear of another ambush. After a short time he knew his body would grow to tired of the high alert and calmed down. This time it was he who is being hunted.

    The dragon knew of the trespasser in it's lair but could not deal with it and the other situation it was in. Something had stolen one of her young and she was mad in search for the whelp. The others of her babies looked in wonder as their mother searched every corner of the cavern for their sister that went outside. Already discovered by the hunters and killed.

    George watched quietly in wonder as the dragon moved stone and gold in search for something. Leaving the other, smaller ones almost unprotected. George felt honored and insulted to being of no concern and used the opportunity to ready his bow and ready enough arrows to kill the small ones before the large one was aware. His first arrow went strait in the back of the dragons head perfectly to have the missile enter it's brain. That was the easy one. Now the others were aware of something. The second arrow went into the socked of one's eye. Dropping it dead as well. It was haste that made George miss his third and last target allowing it to call the other one.

    Before the large dragon was aware of the call George was already running to get out of the cave. This time sure his main prey would follow him outside. The need to protect the last young one was what allowed him to get outside in time to hear the roar of anger by the dragon in spotting him. George did not know which trap the others had set but he knew this time they would leave no trace or hint of it till it was too late to escape it. Unfortunately for George he tripped it.

    The spiked pendulum was made for a dragon not a man so he escaped unharmed. However it also allowed the dragon to escape it's fate in the trap as well. Mostly, as it's momentum did not allow it to stop it was able to determine how it was harmed.

    The hunters broke one of the key rules of being a hunter. You do not celebrate until you are home. However the sweet thought of avenging their loved ones made them swarm over George in all recklessness. While the others went to collect their game he went to get some rest.

    The dragon laid still and waited. It knew it would not live much longer without treatment. But it was going to make sure these pests pay for the crimes against her and her young. So she waited till they got close.

    As soon as George heard the screams of the other hunters he knew the dragon still lived. It was feasting on one when George took sight of it. George knew he had no chance to avenge the others. In fact he thought he may not have a chance himself until he came up with one more idea.

    By miracle George was able to hide amongst the dead as the beast feasted. It was hurt and still in high alert for another attack. It's hunger seemed unending. Which proved fortunate for George. As the beast noticed him lay still it took especially close notice of him. Making a few sounds he did not recognize but understood as more than animal nonsense sounds. It had a great intelligence about it.

    George knew if he moved or screamed he would die as the beast grabbed him and tried to decide how best to saver him. It soon decided that he would be best to take with as it went back down the cave.

    No man but one who had the deepest of hatred would or could bare the pain of being carried by the dragon. Many of his ribs were broken by the rough treatment. Yet he not only bore the pain he did not even let it show in any way. When the dragon stopped and used the strange sound once again he knew it had brought him to be had by the last young dragon. That is when he decided to strike.

    It is said he thrusted his blade into the dragons heart or threw the bottom of it's jaw. Only he and the whelp knows. As he freed himself from the dragon grasp he had an ultimate thought of victory in mind. As the young dragon was trying to get it's mother to move on it's own once more George got some bindings and bound the young dragon before taking it's wings.

    George made the young dragon watch as he dug graves for those hunters killed and those in the cave. Brought to be the whelps first meal. In clear understanding it knew what had happened, is happening and will happen. It took six days for George to dig the graves and on the seventh he rested before the journey back to the survivors of the dragons attack on his town.

    Years later and Ozzz had watched George and his habits. He no longer wished vengeance for all the atrocities done on him. In fact he no longer cared about much of anything. He was a trophy and a well kept one. A pet to be admired. The son of George, Peter was only past the age of an infant when his father brung home the odd prize before leaving again to collect the other prizes of the cave with others.

    Ozzz and Peter seemed to become quick friends despite the differences between them. The reason is because the whelp planned on befriending the creature and having it killed when most opportune. However as he became accustom to the new life he was forced into he found he understood the reasoning and do not blame the boy for his fathers actions. He was content with the news the next dragon George tried to kill made him a meal instead.

    Peter was ten when he learned the news of his father. The fame George got from the first killing of a dragon passed on to his son and he wanted to have his first kill as Ozzz that very night. However all the memories the two had together made Peter stay his hand as he was about to take the dragons head with an ax.

    Ozzz knew of the attempt on his life. He considered it being even for the plans he had on Peters. That made Ozzz appreciate Peter as well and considered him closer to his equal.

    By the time Peter was head of his own band of hunters by skill more than inheritance Ozzz had been joining him. Ozzz enjoyed the thrills of a hunt as much as he enjoyed the laps of luxury in his pin. Many times he was more keen on something than any of the others.

    It had taken years of searching but Peter evenutally tracked down the dragon that killed his father. When Ozzz discovered what the next prey was he was reluctant to hunt his own but also wanted to meet another after so many years.

    It was widely believed it was good luck for the dragon to be amongst those of the hunt. As it had saved manys lives over and over again. When it was discovered that the dragon hunters own dragon was to accompany them on the hunt on their latest job none had and doubts that it will be successful.

    It took them many weeks to get to the target town for their latest job. Ozzz however had other plans as he easily broke way from the stable and went searching for the other dragon on his own. Still with some memory of custom he did not go to their lair but instead went to a place the other would accept as an acceptable meeting spot. Leaving no trail the others could follow behind him. As he knows all their methods of tracking.

    Peter would figure Ozzz would break away when best opportune. However even he could not track him past a few miles in the dark. At first light he and the others picked up the trail again and came across Ozzz bloody body smeared across the rocks.

    When the other dragon saw the whelp the night before he was intrigued at first of the wingless shame's arrogance. As Ozzz told him of the humans plans he felt extremely fortunate to have another meal come to him so readily as the last time it happened he feasted well for days. When the whelp gave all the information it had willingly he then beat the whelp to an inch of his life.

    It took months for Ozzz body to heal. Out of kindness and hopes to rejoin the other dragons he gave what he did. Then to be treated like that. Three attempts were made and three attempts failed and although Ozzz was saddened by the loss of the hunters he was glad he was one more attempt closer to having vengeance.

    When the whelp had regained it's full strength did it consider it' next move. It did not have the talents the other would have. Strength, speed, fire breath, flight, but it did have one thing the other did not. Human hunters with knowledge of dragons. Peter saw immediately when they started setting up the next trap that Ozzz wanted this mark as dead as he did.

    Ozzz explored the trap to be sure no dragon would notice it being one. He knew those who helped build it would have to perish before the knowledge of it got beyond those few who know how to make it. Ozzz knew he would feel guilt but did not let that stop him that night getting the bait for the trap.

    When there was only one hunter left alive Ozzz and Peter looked at each other. Like old friends on the opposite side of a war. Ozzz knew he could not let the other live and Peter knew Ozzz could not kill him. A silent friendship was between them they never knew existed until that moment. That is when Peter let Ozzz strike.

    The trap was set. The bait was set. All Ozzz had to do is wait. The revenge long unwanted was his. The vengeance he desired now soon would be. As the older dragon entered the trap the weight switch snapped and he fell into the pit and was bombarded with steel spikes from below. His weight would doom him even if his scaled might save him.

    Ozzz feasted well on the dead dragons corpse for a full day. Sampling many of his organs and taking their power for his own. Then out of respect he buried the hunters he killed one by one and marked Peter's grave with a large stone listing their names and the dead dragons impaled skull on top. He then took residence of his brand new lair.

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    You say that this story has no use but it has a great usage, this is the origional sentient Dragon, the one from which all modern dragons can trace their ansestory from. This is the first of a long line that eventually snuffed out all other draconic lines. Yet I don't think Peter died as much as he was "transformed". In other words, he and Ozzz are sharing a single body for the rest of their long life.

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    actually I thought of making this part of an origin of vampire story but eventually got to the point of 'f*** it. Too much work.' plus Ozzz becoming the powerful emerald wizard. to reference to the obvious.

    also I meant it as it has no actual connection to DotD other than being set in the DotD universe.

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