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Thread: Thank You 5th Planet developers

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    Thank You 5th Planet developers

    I have been with you since your beginning and and I must say you have kept the game exciting, fresh, new and up to date. The anniversary celebrations have been absolutely exquisite. The free PC's for the 2nd birthday was outstanding. I am so glad to see that your ideas have been different and exciting. New Quest, Generals, troops and legions with new Boss to attack have been out standing. I am so glad we have made it this far. I am just one opinion of your huge fan base. I have seen many exciting post and many joining. Thank You. I just wanted to say Thank You.

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    I have an idea about new armor and quest if you like. I call it the Dead Kings armor. the quest Boss would drop a piece of the armor very randomly on NM. The quest starts at the beginning portal and you must have achieved each piece of armor before continuing on to the next quest. IE start with the a Dead King Host of that particular land and so forth with each quest and begins with Boots and you work your way up to the helm which is the last piece. The last piece or Helm is a battle between us and the Dead king of said land ( each quest and armor piece brings a tougher boss that you can not so easily beat. How about a Karma SP being introduced. You gain Karma SP from quest help or Boss help with a each being a single click. This would encourage more warriors assisting their army and also aid in adding army members. The more army you have the more you could assist. You would go Positive into the light ( Good Karma ) and gain power in your magic abilities due to the higher Karma. You could add magic to our toons that would promote good karma and being more active in assisting your fellow Army members and promoting getting more army members. greaves of swiftness ( ability to move swiftly to dodge incoming damage , leggings of endurance ( increases your health to with stand attacks ) , Curaiss of might ( adding strength to attack ) , Shoulder armor with flowing ribbons that depict the level and amount of power comparable to level and strength that adds to your strength ( color of ribbons dictate your power ) Gloves of endurance ( resulting in more stamina ) the Helm of the Dead King that amplifies all abilities by plus 100 or what have you. Just a thought as I am a huge fan of dawn of the dragons. This would give you the new land to quest and armor that can not be bought but worked for.

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