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Thread: Premium Troops/Generals

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    Premium Troops/Generals

    Making this thread so myself and others can post ideas for premium troops/generals. Some of mine:

    Zosimos the Alchemist
    "No, that is not a volatile stamina potion, it is my macaque urine sample. Now if you will kindly stop drinking it I'll bring you this week's order momentarily."
    Cloaked old man holding a potion.
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 50
    Unstable Concoction: Chance for bonus damage. Additional bonus damage for each Wrath of the Gods in your inventory. Has a chance to create a random potion (including volatiles, though they should be extremely rare).

    "Why three faces? So I can pick out which targets to blast next before I am done with the current one of course!"
    Robed female statue with an evil looking face on the left side of her head and a smiling face on the right side of her face.
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 50
    Eldritch Ray: Chance for bonus damage. Considerable additional bonus damage for every spell on active raid. Hecate's attack and defence increase by 5-25 (depending on level) for every 2 spells you know.

    Zixilius the Faceless
    "No tiresome human, I can't turn into a dragon. The specially modified crystal my body is made of must maintain a volume similar to my current one upon a transformation. So I could turn into someone like you instead, if it is in fact physically possible to readjust my brain mass downward enough."
    Shapeshifter oroc male that looks like he is made entirely of red crystal with no face or protruding crystal clusters.
    Attack: *
    Defense: *
    Zixilius's attack and defense are equal to the combined attack and combined defense respectively of the strongest general and strongest other troop in the active legion.

    Remus the All Father
    "Godhood? Yeah, fun for a few million years. But throwing the same punch knowing it will end with the same cracked demonic face gets stale after a while. So I gave it all up, though I'll admit wielding a lightning bolt running static electricity through my body without my divine hair maintenance abilities can get pretty tricky."
    Smug-looking young blonde haired male wielding a lightning bolt. Like a Dotd Ace.
    Former supreme god who got bored with his status, gave away his immortality and decided to start over as a human to see if he could get it all back from scratch.
    Attack: 300
    Defense: 300
    Lightning Bolt!: Chance for bonus damage. Additional bonus damage for every unique ranged troop owned. Attack increases by 20 for every unique melee troop owned. Defense increases by 20 for every unique tank troop owned. Chance to restore health for every unique healer troop owned. Bonus chance to land a critical hit for every unique special troop owned.

    "You must excuse me, I am in the middle of counting my arrows. I slew 647 enemies with 224 of them in my last battle and a ratio below 3 to 1 is simply unacceptable. I shall have to double my efforts next time."
    Elven female armed with a bow in silver shaft gear.
    Attack: 1000
    Defense: 50
    Increased chance to land a critical hit (based on general level). All elves and ranged troops in active legion gain +10-60 attack and defense (depending on her level)

    Sargent Heart
    "You call this an army? This looks like a travelling side show. You can't even shove more than fifty of these freaks into a legion before they start giggling and tripping all over each other. You maggots better start chugging virility potions, because from today onward you and pain are going to get very, very intimate with each other."
    Angry looking old man in military garb
    Attack: 250
    Defense: 250
    Hit Maggots!: Chance for bonus damage. Additional bonus damage for every troop in the current legion. Boosts your base attack and defense by 1%/level

    "I don't really understand why they named that spell after me. I don't turn metal to gold. I turn gold into things that go boom. Gold is useless to me. The grand palaces, women and booze you can buy with it, now we're talking."
    Gold toothed con-man wearing expensive looking clothes
    Attack: 50
    Defense: 50
    Reverse Alchemy: Chance for huge bonus damage. Will destroy some of your unstashed gold when it procs. Attack/Defense go up by 5 for every 15 castles owned
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    great imagination lol. very creative:-)

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    I love it. Best suggestion I've come across yet, and I agree with angka, great imagination. I approve of all these generals, except for Zixilius. He should still have a set attack/defense, because trying to set up coding so that it stays similar to strongest general/troop might get abit tricky. Whereas I think Midas would allow gold to become more useful, especially as it would rely on the most expensive land there is.
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    Very original - i like how you blended the abilities and flavour text together.
    Well thought out

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    these generals/troops are GREAT ideas, although they should have obvious limits..EX: limit at 50 WOTG for proc damage, like SOCK

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    Great ideas, I particularly liked Remus. And like Kyotic said though, Faceless needs a base for Att/Def because it will be difficult. But overall, AMAZING.

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    you should look at my Luucy submission. I have a new gear set and general with story and relic upgrade options. Thou you should note I have over 900 castles. perhaps you should set the bonus to total income and a 'maintenance fee' if you can not meet the 'fee' then he is locked into your current legion and his attack is 1/1 with no bonus

    link to Luucy

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    900/15=60 attack/defense. It's not that much, though the ratios will shift as people will be buying castles exclusively, which'll put him in range of the current premiums.

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    ... I have not spent any of my gold in MONTHS also... I could buy another k of castles if I wanted to... I'm just not going to spend the time to unless it becomes worthwhile

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    Premium Troops/Generals

    Elias Stefan
    "The strength of one many be powerful, the strength of many is overwhelming."
    A regal older man dressed in a courtly manner.
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 5
    Unity of Purpose: Chance for bonus damage. 1% of Attack and Defense values of all Generals you own are applied to Elias.

    This general would now promote folks to raise up stats on generals folks might shelve. =)

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    ??? (a man hidden in shadow)
    " He is a shadow to my shadow I tell you. Last week I saw him hiding behind a tree staring at me. Three days ago behind Solus hind quarters. An hour ago I could almost swear he was looking up threw the hole in the latreen."


    stalker: adds a chance for bonus damage and a second attack. if consecutive attacks take place greatly increase the damage and greatly decrease the chance of another free attack. if a third attack takes place inflict massive damage on character.

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    Great ideas, I hope the DotD crew looks into it and perhaps brings a few of them into the game at a coming update.
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    Need re-balancing since the legion stat changes but I think this would be a good time to bump this.

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