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Thread: Begbie's Kilt - Stat change?

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    Begbie's Kilt - Stat change?

    So I've been looking around, and stat changes seem to be happening on old items to accommodate the new perception skill. Which is great!

    However, my old Begbie's kilt seems to be my most powerful trousers in my collection. (Attack: 160 Defence: 80) powerhousing right past my Lorax's Cuisses (Attack: 117 Defense: 73 Perception: 50). Thing is... I somewhat remember it being around 23 attack.

    What I'm wondering if this is something I should expect to stay, or if it's just in transition to accommodate perception?

    Sorry to make a new topic, I just couldn't find a decent other place to post this question.

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    This is something that is going to stay DH addresses all of that in the STOG address he made on march second in the following thread

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