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Thread: questions for developers about bertram the necromancer

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    questions for developers about bertram the necromancer

    Is he able to summon any non-unique undead troop? As in, if future ones are released, will they be added to his summoning pool?

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    Nobody knows?

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    i can just guess , all undead non pc trop and as i readed banshe bard

    but sorry mate i cant confirm this , cuz i dont own this general , maybe devs will show mercy on us and confirm things , cuz we are blinds

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    The problem is that there are only two undead PC troops, the wraith and the banshee bard. Also, only the devs would know if his summoning table is updated if more pc undead troops are released, hence the question being directed at them.

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    Maybe if I started spamming developer inboxes....

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    Mhmm still wondering about this -.- i think its about time they should 0.0 i mean theres better troops now and Necromancer acolyte doesn't really have superb attack and defense -.-

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    I have 2 wraiths so I'm assuming the answer is yes. Don't pay attention to procs so dunno if they're from him.

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    if im not wrong, i got vampire treasure hunter from it, 20a 10d. so ya i guess..

    ps: i did not buy the perception box that time.

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