View Full Version : Accepting gifts

19th June 2010, 11:42
Ok another of my random thoughts if the Dev's have'nt thought of it already:

Instead of having to move from notifications page to gift landing page while accepting gifts, why not have an "Accept all gifts" button. once you accept all gifts, they could be displayed as thumbnails for the player to view what he/she has received with the name of the sender under the gift. Im sure that players who receive more than 20 gifts a day will agree with me when i say that it becomes tiresome to keep moving from one page to another.. no matter how fast or slow the system works...

i think it would be a great addition to an already great game!

What do you guys think?

19th June 2010, 12:06
That would be a nice feature, but I'm not sure it's possible from a technical point of view - because of the way gifts work in Facebook games.