View Full Version : new spells and better use for them

18th June 2010, 12:45
how about adding new spells which can be used in raids they will take energy instead of stamina and will do some damage (+ bonus from atk or defense depending what kind of spell are)
they could be element based spells or healing spells (if you guys decide to add a party hp bar)

they can be bought in bazzars for a huge amount of shiny gold coins but the best should be legendary drops from the hardest bosses

each player should have 2 spell slots (1 to put poisons and stuff like that and 1 to use the attack spells

what you think guys???

18th June 2010, 14:18
Thank you for the suggestion. Whilst we don't currently have any plans for that kind of magic, it's something we can consider further down the line.