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Stewie Doo
7th June 2010, 15:54
This thread is open to all members of the forum. The first page of posts was initially in a demonstration/proposal thread that was moved here and has some non RP content. It is set in the Tavern which resides in the Town Square at Burdens rest. The Thread starts soon after the clearing of The Keep in game.

The rough granite exterior of the tavern glistened slightly as the sunlight caught splatters of blood from the recent battle in the Town Square. The sound of crying filled the air, accompanied by moans and sobs from women who tended to the wounds of the village folk that littered the cobbled courtyard. The clanging of metal on metal gave a welcome rest to the morbid sounds as Nathan, the village smithy, attempted to re-hang the buckled oak door that had fallen off it's hinges.

Stewie moved towards the tavern dragging a large sack, filled with his armour, behind him. He waited for Nathan to finish his final swing, and dropped the bag at his feet with a thud.

'Hello Nathen, glad to see your face, I have a sack full of work for you my friend, once you've finished here of course.'

Nathan simply smiled and nodded, and placed the sack near his tools.

As Stewie entered the tavern, plumes of gobling pipe weed smoke floated through the air, swirling above the heads of the people inside. He slowly made his way to an empty table, catching fragments of conversations as he past the other seated patrons, almost all recounting the fight and the deeds of some and deaths of others.

Stewie kicked back a stool and sat at a table, using the back of his hand to brush the remains of the last persons meal from its surface, glancing to the bar, he saw two unknown people acting as barkeeps, a large bearded fellow, with a belly the size of one of the barrels the ale was in, and a portly female who appeared to spend more time pulling back her hair and flirting with the men at the bar, than actually serving.

'Barkeep, a glass of mil.....er, tankard of ale please' he said to the bearded Tavern Keeper who spat into a fresh tankard and proceeded to wipe it clean.

The Barkeep placed the tankard on the wobbly table, spilling half it's contents across Stewie's arm, 'Oh, excuse me sir!' he said as he used his brown stained apron to wipe it clean.
As he moved away from the table, Stewie asked, 'What of Boris and his wife?'. The man simply looked to the floor and shook his head.

7th June 2010, 18:06
Sorsha (AKA: 3D) Watched Stewie Doo, with disinterest, as her Head was Pounding from too much wine the night before and the Black eye from the sword hilt that had been slammed in her face whilst defending the new Prince from a Gang of Marauders that had swarmed upon them the night before.

Though Sorsha would normally slide next to Stewie and Give her Tale, while attempting to keep up with the Ale, She just couldn't begin to speak with such a throbbing headache.

Silently she watches the scene, hoping for some action to lure her from her Foul mood.

Stewie Doo
7th June 2010, 18:29
OMG! Someone has posted! Thank you for joining in :)

Stewie continued to scan the room in the hope of finding the faces of people he recognised still alive. His face screwed up a little as the bitter taste of the ale passed his lips, he'd forgotten just how bad it was here in Burden's Rest, nothing like the nectar served in the classy establishments of Fallows.

As he rocked back slightly on his stool, it creeks slightly and he notices Sorsha sitting at a table, rather uncharacteristically without a goblet of wine in her hand and as she turns to dodge your gaze, you spot that she's sporting a rather hefty black eye.

You think it better to mind your own business, Sorsha was never someone to catch in a bad mood!

7th June 2010, 20:29
[OOC] Actually, I think this is a great idea, and I've seen several story tellers in the forums,
Lawrence loves to read story's so, yea...once it catches on I think we'll get others in here. And, I really do have a pounding headache (wink) so, I just kept it short for now. I also rated the thread 5 stars, as your quite the story teller. Nice Meeting you! [OOC]

Sorsha Scowling Gruffly noticed Stewie taking in her black eye, and scooted a little closer to the Shadows in her dark corner of the room.
Even the unusually quiet and scarcely populated tavern sounds made her wish That Chubby Inn Keeper would hurry back with the key to her room.

The innkeeper was a very round, and chatty older woman, that didn't know the meaning of Shut Up.
She talked so much that she seemed constantly out of breath.
Huffing and puffing in such cheer
Chatting, chatting chatting, and in constant motion

Sorsha's black eye mirrored her mood and had to restrain herself from physically shutting her up
If she had to hear much more about the Dark Knights Raustious Tales and the Hussy's they were sneaking off with
Well...the vision of foul gags and cotton came to mind

Stewie Doo
7th June 2010, 20:58
Nice to meet you too.

An annoying cackle pierced the air as the female Barkeep scoffed, 'Then he came back downstairs in his briefs, and ask for two more wenches! That would make four he was going to have up there! If I was 15 years younger I may have scooted up there me'self!'

I shuddered slightly in my seat at the very thought and the patrons closest to the bar laughed politely, more interested in the hope that they might get a free drink for their part in listening to the Barkeepers tales.

The newly fixed door to the tavern swung open, and several more patrons entered.

7th June 2010, 22:33
Though i think this is the wrong thread for that. ^^

Orders a mug of ale and scans the room. Doing her best to ignore all the babble coming from the barmaid. Heads for the back corner to see if any thing interesting happens. Aesun remembers a vague rumor of a few good slayers heading this way. Maybe she can find a few more ally's in the coming wars.
Ugh... i need a refill. Sits back and contemplates the best path through the wench's pandering for their supper. Beast's are so much easier.

7th June 2010, 22:40
Hmmmm, this looks interesting. It’s too bad that I couldn’t write a story to save my own life... I’d like to give this a shot, but give me a little leeway as I’ve never done anything like this before and probably won't contribute often.

Pushing open the wooden door, Mist is immediately immersed in the loud hubbub of the crowd. Offering a polite nod to the two bouncers at the entrance, who appeared as menacing as two huge men with cudgels could, he set off toward the bar. Ignoring the speculative glances, Mist worked his way through the tables and waved down the barkeep.

‘Aaah… Mist,’ he greeted the newcomer. ‘Haven’t seen you in quite a while. Seems like forever since you last stopped by…’
‘I’ve been busy, you know how it is.’ Mist replied guardedly.

Skipping further pleasantries, ‘Will it be the usual then?’
‘Aye. Is my table free?’

With an affirmative nod from the barkeep, Mist made his way past some drunken imbeciles bawling and yelling about something or other, toward the far corner of the room. Reaching his table, he sits down with his back toward the wall, facing the vestibule of the tavern.

how bad wast that?

Stewie Doo
7th June 2010, 23:53
Stewie nods in Mist's direction as he takes is place at his usual table near a woman that appears to be shuffling an empty goblet in her hands and looking eagerly towards the bar.

A sudden scream from outside, remind him of what just took place, one could almost be forgiven for thinking it was another ordinary day, the way people were simply throwing back their heads and emptying tankard after tankard accompanied by the occasional belch.

A young woman, with a blood stained apron runs through the door and speeds towards the bar and after a quick exchange of words with the barkeep, returns outside to the screams, carrying a large bucked of water and some rags.

8th June 2010, 01:48
Upon hearing the sound of a woman screaming as she entered the establishment, Nago moved quickly from the bed he currently occupied along with 4 of the tavern's finest female "patrons".

By the time he made it out the door, still pulling up his trousers, he only caught a glimpse of the woman as she scattered out the door, bucket of water and rags in tow. Uninterested in the clamor of the bar, Nago began to make his way back into the town streets he had become all too familiar with earlier in the day. Still sore from the battle that had taken place, he strode to his horse to check on his belongings still hanging from the beast's saddle. After securing his weapon, Nago began to make his way down the cobbled street in an effort to try and find something of a more interesting nature than women and booze.

8th June 2010, 03:00
After acknowledging Stewie’s nod with a nod of his own, Mist leaned back into the chair and tried to relax. Suddenly, Mist’s revelry was interrupted though, when a mug of porter and half of a roasted chicken appeared in front of him. This miracle of service was accomplished by a feisty little serving wench, who merrily winked at Mist, undaunted by his perpetual scowl. When it became clear he wasn’t going to say anything, she snorted and retreated to the kitchen wiggling her backside angrily.

Mist was admiring her undeniable charms, when a high pitched shrill cut through the normal sounds of the tavern. Mist’s arm twitched imperceptibly toward his concealed hand crossbow, but he quickly stopped himself. The recent turmoil had obviously left him a little more on edge than he had realized.

Watching a white faced young woman rush through the door, Mist lifted his mug and took a swig of the thick black beer to calm his nerves. Choosing to ignore the woman’s obvious plight; Mist peered into his mug as if beseeching it for answers…

Mist listened to the clicking footsteps of a man rushing down the stairs; then rolled his eyes as a disheveled man followed the woman out of the bar. Not wanting anything to do with more bloodshed at the moment, Mist professionally devoured his meal, cleaning the bones of even the slightest morsel of meat.

8th June 2010, 05:46
Eyeing the empty mug one last time, Aesun makes up her mind to make camp outside of town.
Only way to get a little peaceful slumber.
Watching the wench with food and ideas, a bit of a grumble reminds her of something to be done before she heads out for the evening.
As if to prove the point on peaceful rest the scream made for a reminder of the days events.

The petite woman complete with blood and a pained look on her face was in and out with a whirl. So was the shadow that followed. Taking in the excitement Aesun finally gets up.
Time to leave and maybe catch dinner tonight.
Tossing a smile at Mist and the man at the table nearby, Aesun sets out.

After finding the evidence of life she was looking for her thoughts turn back to the tavern. Mildly cursing under her breath at the realization she hadn't paid the annoying woman. She realized a return trip was necessary. Places to be are short at the moment. Better not leave them with such a bitter taste as i will have to come back at some point.
Best not return empty handed.

Stewie Doo
8th June 2010, 10:46
Nice writings people :)

Stewies shoulders shook slightly as he chuckled at the sight of four 'servant' girls walking down from the floor above, each merrily adjusting their garments, but the last fanatically attempting to hide the fact that she was scratching away under the folds of her dress, 'Looks like someone got a little bit extra for his gold' he thought to himself.

His amusement was broken only by the smell of roast chicken that floated through the air, and it was only at this point that he realised he couldn't actually remember the last time he'd had a hearty meal. Scanning the contents of Mist's platter, Stewie sought the barkeepers attention, and gestured towards at food. The barkeep returning a nod in acknowledgement which turned to a slight frown as his eyes turned to the now vacant table that the woman near Mist had occupied.

Stewie waited until Mists attention was turned back in his direction and he asked, 'Are you heading to Faedark Valley tomorrow? I hear that elves have set up near the Bloody Finger's camp, I feel there may be something amiss there.'

As he waited for a response, a platter of hot food was placed in front of him, teasing his senses and beckoning him to feast.

8th June 2010, 13:00
Grrr, I had to go and skim through the quest text real quickly this morning for this... And I still didn't have a clue how to respond. :006:

Mist grimaced and nodded. ‘Aye,’ he said ‘I’ve been commissioned to guide the expedition to the Fallows.' Gently shacking his head in dismay, 'Tis a dangerous business Journeying through Faedark Valley, but haste must be made…’

Deliberately, Mist drained his mug, letting a few brown tears trickle down his chin. Setting his cup down, mist stretched out, hands behind his head, legs out stretched, feet crossed. Fixing his eyes on Stewie, ‘From the look of you,’ he heard himself saying ‘I assume you’re also part of this suicide mission to save the Fallows?’

Stewie Doo
8th June 2010, 15:53
'Hmph!', Stewie replied, holding his tankard up and slightly towards Mist. 'Nobody has asked me to go there, but considering what has happened here, I feel compelled to go.'

Mist appeared no nod slightly in agreement, 'If you're happy to have a companion, I'd gladly join you. It's been a while since I've left Burdens Rest, and even longer since I've ventured anywhere with you!', again Stewie rocked gently back on his stool, allowing them both the time to ponder the statement.

With a thud, he roughly banged his drink on the table and scoffed, 'But tomorrow is another day! If we are to die, we should be having fun tonight!'

8th June 2010, 17:44
With about as much flair as Aesun could muster, she opened the door.
Entered with an obviously new pouch of fur and meat.
"My deepest of regrets for shorting your generosity." Aesun puts the bag on the counter. "for your troubles may i repay you with some provisions."
On a slight nod the gift is accepted. Will be a while before he gives me more than a eye without a chain.
With a sigh she prepays for some coffee and considers the trip ahead.
Looking at the two men who didn't make it to a room last night she wonders if there will be others who would walk to their doom.

Stewie Doo
8th June 2010, 22:52
It we get a few more takers I may start a second tread that could cover travelling to Faedark

As Stewie and Mist contemplated the prospect of travelling to Faedark Valley, they both noticed that the voices of two men at the table in the far corner of the tavern we slowly getting louder.

'Whaa do ya mean its my fauwlt!', one of the drunken men shouted at another, standing up and banging his fist against the table, knocking over their tankards, and sending the still lit candle rolling to the floor. The flame fizzled out as the ale flowed over the edge of the table and splashed down where the candle fell.

'Well, if you'd have learnt to fight like Joel and me instead of sitting in the fields, writing your stupid stories, maybe he'd be alive now! There's no wonder father was always disappointed in you!'

'That's not true! he loved the three of us equally! How dare you!' and with that, the younger of the two brothers, flicked the upturned tankard in the others direction, a hollow thud confirming the hit as it bounced of the older brother's head.

8th June 2010, 23:48
Brought to you by Kristin (and Kevin who provided insight and ideas over the phone). Kristin bows. "Thank you. Thank you everyone." Kevin rolls his eyes. "Showoff"

Mist stares into his empty glass, brooding over the last drops of ale. He slowly lifts his head, glaring at those around him, until finally his eyes come to rest on the barmaid. He raises his empty mug and inverts it in the air tapping the glass to gain her attention.

A few moments later, Mist almost jumps in his seat, as the mug slams onto the table, spraying Mist with a fine sheen of ale. Disgruntled, Mist turns his head, with several choice curses on his tongue, only to see her backside as she quickly retreats to the kitchen. Mist turns to his glass, grumbling about the uppity wench, before taking a swig.

Scowling at the distorted image of himself reflected in the cups polished side, Mist quietly utters, “‘Twill be a hard journey and help, I’d readily accept.”

Stewie raises his glass, sloshing o’er the brim as he toasts to the coming journey.

In case you want to carry on toward Faedark -

A loud bang shudders in his ears as the fiery wrath of the morning sun penetrates the darkened tavern. Mist raises his head, bleary eyed, and directs his blood-shot eyes towards the entrance, where the woman strides forth. Nudging Stewie awake, Mist tries to pull the woman’s face from the foggy recesses of his mind.

“Look Lively. We must be off, lest the expedition leave without us,” he states while silently wishing they would.

Stewie Doo
10th June 2010, 16:54
Sorry I've taken a while to respond, my damn work actually expect me to do stuff for my wage! Anyway, I think that for the moment we should stay in this thread until we can get some more people involved so that it doesn't die. If you want we can still start a 'journey' thread as it was always going to run parallel with this one, or we can wait until we have more takers (which I think might be better)

As Mist and Stewie began their merriment, the tavern door open once again, and the smithy walked in and approached their table. 'Stewie, the good news is that with all the scrap metal that I have managed to aquire from the raiders, I am not going to be short on materials for the repair work, but alas, there is quite a lot to do and it wont be cheap I'm afraid.'

'I didn't expect it to be, that armour saved me from a few hefty blows, I can tell you! There are also some other things that I would like commissioned, I have made a note of them here.' Stewie passed a scrap of paper over to Nathan, who began to scan it, chuckling as he did so.

'You don't ask fer much do you Stewie, and I suppose you're going to tell me something like you need this all by the morning?'

'Well actua..'

'I thought so' Nathan chuckled.

Stewie looked at Mist 'Perhaps you would like to make some arrangements with Nathan too? He's obviously going to have a lot of spare time!' the three of them laughed.

17th June 2010, 01:44
After a few day respite to clear the head Aesun returns to town.
As she passes the houses she feels the renewed sense of passion in the town.
Everyone is focusing on rebuilding. Time to bolster the hands that will not return to farming and building without a wary eye to the north.
Thanking the seamstress for a few minor repairs Aesun heads off to the tavern.

"Those boys are likely still draggin their heels in the food, fluid and floozies... Not that the money won't help the town recoup some, it's time to head out" As the thought swirls through her head She sees a lurker in the allies.
Noticing the glint on the sword, Aesun merely nods and points her head in the direction of the tavern.

Oddisy Riddeh
13th July 2010, 05:35
[OOC]Yo I will try and post when I can! Also I couldn't think so I hope this is ok.[OOC]

"Another mug my kind sir! And get double for this fine gentleman!"

Two men at the other end of the tavern, was having a good time. One was small but with his facial features, it seems he was a dwarf. With that large dark brown beard, he looks towards his friend. His friend was taller, about one and half times his dwarven friend is. The dwarf seemed built for long combat while his friend looked sneak, and lightly armored.

"Why must you get me another. I do not need to be any drunker than you Val'kia." the young man replied.

The dwarf made a hardy laugh, and patted the young man's back.

"Come now! Ya need to be more of a man! Drinking will loosen ya up Daniel! And unlike me I doubt ya get any drunker than a dwarf!"

The two men never even bothered to look ahead to a different group. The dwarf definitely had giving Daniel's attention towards him. However, Daniel never did find out why he ended up in the Tavern in the first place.

27th July 2010, 05:23
The Tavern became quiet, smokes filled the air as people smoke their pipes and laughter died instantly as the door opened with a bang. An Unknown Man Entered the tavern and made his way to the counter and sit himself beside a large keg of ale and asks for a pint of mead from the lady bartender.

"What's Your Name Sire?" asks the bartender, "People Call me Streak, it's Fine if you dont know the name. Im never popular in this parts of the world." Answered the Unknown man

"Never had a name huh? Well here's your Pint of Mead and thank you for having a drink in this part of the world Mr Streak sir" mock the bartender

The unknown man picked up his tankard and went to the corner where he can survey everything and everyone on the tavern. A few Hours passed and a Few tankards emptied and people could tell that the unknown man is drunk. The Man Whose so named "Ivo The Broodkiller" shouted and mocked everyone in the pub for a duel.

No one responded to his shout but people eyed him viciously. He Draws out his Sword Made from Mithril and the Legendary 4 Colored Dragons Blood and Strike the nearest pillar which brought half of the tavern crushing down.
Then From the rubble, A rugged old man rose up and approach him and said "you are ivo the Broodkiller, the one who killed the 4 legendary Dragons and the one Who had been given by the dwarves the highest honor for the first human to forge a sword made of Magic Mithril... I ask you to Leave this place and never to return"

"who are you Old Man?" inquired Ivo
"I am the Fifth and Final Dragon Asceros. The Black Incarnate, and the Embodiment of the other 4 dragons hatred for you Broodkiller' said the old man
"Then i Shall Strike thee down" Shouted Ivo
"Do Not Mock Me HUMAN!" Responded by Asceros

In an instant the tavern returned to it's usual Stupor, The Noise, the smoking pipes and the laughter is back again. But where is Asceros? Where is Ivo? No one can tell, Maybe... It will be a myth, A legend perhaps?

Let it be a Lesson for Humans to Never Mock Anyone in their path, for treachery is just lying in the corner and in an instant, they'll be forgotten.

10th August 2010, 19:18
I hope you guys like reading because I really like writing... though I don't like proof reading so there are undoubdetly some mistakes in there I did not pick up during writing. I apologise in advance for them but enjoy and am looking forward to your hopefully immanent replies.

The stench of sulphur in the air rolled up his nostrils like a bad dream. Agonising screams echoed down the streets as pummels of smoke puffed up into the sky.

Clad in a chain suit of armour a figure stood looking out upon the North horizon, blood stained sword still in hand he remained motionless for hours staring out into the fields which they stormed through. He could still feel the anger that overcome him. The chill of a familiar scene he once experienced, reinacting before his eyes... He couldn't stop it... he could never stop it but this time he was here... this time he fought... at least this time, he could help.

He felt a slight pace of irony that all these years he had been running and in Burden's Rest all his woes caught up with him. Trying hard not to let the darkness inside him consume him whole he pushed the thought out of his mind and turned back to face the now ransacked town. Within seconds he found himself walking.

He just kept walking, not knowing where he was going until he found himself stood in front of probably the least damamged building in the entire town. The large tavern had a few smashed windows and the door had evidently been replaced as it did not match the frame and the odd blood stain across the wall but it was a pretty good sight to see.

Pushing the door of the tavern open he clambered in as his chain boots clunked against the floor and his armour rattled. He peered through the still down visor around at the inhabitents of the bar area and at their tables noticing everyone seemed to be going on about their usualy rabble as if nothing happened except what looked like two hardened warriors exchanging conversation from two adjacent tables in the corner. Freshly skinned bones in front of them.

He finished analysing those around him and approached the bar where a chubby man who was obviously a stand in and an over zealous barmaid who's enthusiam was going perhaps a bit too much into her gob and not enough into the drink serving were stood. He wasn't sure which would be better, to wait half an hour for a drink or have half it spilt down you but he did not care right now.

Placing his hands upon his helmet he slid it upwards and off for his long brown hair to drop down behind him. The scars upon his face clearly visible, one across his cheek, one across his eye and one upon his forehead. His helmet came to a clunk upon the bars surface as he deliberately dropped it to gain the attention of either barhand.

The woman was suddenly startled and looked towards him, a grin appearing on her face she quickly swatted in front of the male bartender who was already approaching. "Hello hun, what can I get ya?" she said in an almost flirtacious voice, slightly dampening her lips with her tongue. It almost filled him with pity that the wench was obviously sex craved but lacking there of it due to her age and physical appearance.

After a short grunt he spoke with clarity and authority so to establish his place here but not to make a scene among the other patrons, "I want the strongest drink you have, I don't want any sexual advances from you or any drink spilt upon me..." he nods towards the male bartender, "...and I expect it within good time and not after you've spent an hour telling someone about how you once knew a guy who knew a girl."

Standing in total shock for a moment it was probably the first time since he enetered or the first time ever that the female bartender had actually shut up. Thought after a few seconds it became evident it wasn't going to last long as she stood up straight from where she had been leant on the bar and made a grunting noise herself, "What makes you think I was interested in you anyway!?" she snarled slightly as she spoke.

After she realised he was not going to respond again she turned and poured some ale from a half empty keg into a tankard and placed it on the bar. By the time she had done this he had already had time to remove his gauntlets and place them upon the bar next to his helmet. He reached under his breastplate to return with a pouch in his hand which he placed upon the counter and began to undoe.

Taking one gold coin off the top he tossed it to the barmaid who then caught it. "A second one if you can tell me who those two fellows are!?" he nodded towards the two men he clocked in the corner earlier who he would undoubtedly later learn to be Stewie and Mist.

14th August 2010, 11:41
The mattress upon which Lieath laid was itchy and soaked with sweat. The drunken tales, and laughter, and recovery of the men and women echoed up the stairs of the Inn to fill Lieath's trained ears with a many conversations. In torment, Lieath rolled over onto his back and gazed hard at the ceiling as memories of his now dead wife, flooded his mind in waves of anguish. The attack had caught him off guard and he was not able to save her from the devastation of the attack that took place within the town. Distant, a wind began to pick up in the east and started to shudder the windows of the inn with a malicious force of strength. Lieath could not help but feel completely lost in the world now, without her laying next to him, to see her smile, to feel her breath upon his naked skin, or to see that fiery burning passion within her eyes. Sighing, he sat up out of bed, towering at the height of six feet tall, and began to dress himself and gear up; unable to sleep. Unable to coup with the misery tormenting his very soul; Lieath thought he would join the congregation downstairs and drink away the pain growing ever deeper into his broken heart.

The smell of ale, freshly cooked food, and the stain of battle washed over Lieath's face as he made his way down the tavern stairs to glance over those within the tavern. Lieath halted his stride just steps away from the stairs to over hear the conversation of the misplaced tavern wench and a man setting parts of his armor upon the bar. Out of habit, Lieath placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword and glanced once more around the tavern with his steel, penetrating blue eyes, while stroking his hand through his short cut brown shaggy hair before taking a seat just two away from the other man at the bar. Sighing, Lieath reached for his wifes ring worn with his well crafted silver necklace, and un-shyly burst out.

"Please, an ale and keep them coming barkeep." Lieath burst while placing coins upon the bar.

15th August 2010, 15:06
[ooc] Pretty good Lieath... [/occ]

Staring towards the barmaid he flicked a second gold coin in and out between his fingers awaiting her response as she looked at him dully and began to gabber, "Well you know you were rather rude, what makes you think I want to tell you? Besides for a pretty penny like that you could get alot more than just a little information like that. What do you want with information like that anyway? What's your interest in them, eh? Hope your not planning to start a fight or nothing... I remember this one time..." quickly interrupting a shout was heard from two stools down the bar as a man emerged from up the stairs, "Please, an ale and keep them coming barkeep." he shouted tossing his coins across the counter.

Looking down the bar he notices the barman tied up serving ales at the other end of the bar and looks back at the wench stood in front of him still glaring at him. With a nod of his head towards the other man the barmaid shimmies up the bar towards him and leans upon the desk pouring an ale, "You alright love?" she grins slightly taking one of the coins off the counter and placing it within her pocket.

Darrell looks down at the pitcher of ale in front of him and takes a chugg out of it looking over at the two guys still whispering to each other. He wonders something to himself and grins slightly looking back over at the obviously dismayed man sat two seats from him.

16th August 2010, 00:44
With a careful inspection of the barmaid, Lieath studied her every move, but not in any sexual intent as she made her way towards him. Noting, Darrell take a swig of his ale from his pitcher a sudden thought occurred to him as he ignored the barmaid's question of, 'You alright love?,' and her ever cheating grin.

"Ma'am, would you be so kind as to poor me not one, but two pitchers of ale; as I do not know when you shall service me again." Lieath asked calmly while peering into her eyes. Not bothering to wait for her reply, or a response, Lieath turned around in his seat to set his gaze out the window across the bar; looking directly past Stewie and Mist. Glimpses of battle flashed in his mind in short waves, reminding him of the new life he had painfully acquired; the life of an wanderer. Lieath did not feel anything left for him around these parts and thought perhaps another opportunity to help people elsewhere. Once more giving off a sigh, Lieath turned around and realized the barmaid had left him his drinks, without a word. Grinning at her obviously trained subtleness, he grabbed hold of one ale and completely chugged it all in moments.

The stool on which Lieath was sitting was danger beginning to brew. The chair leg was cracked and beginning to lose its great hold, from the weight of Lieath and his armor. Unaware, Lieath picked up his second ale and began to drink this one is a casual fashion.

Oddisy Riddeh
16th August 2010, 04:37
Val'kia, the well armored dwarf, takes down another ale. While at this, he was not enough to be buzzed. He did make a belch but he chuckled and apologized.

"You sure do have manners. At least from most people that come to ye tavern."

The dwarf nodded as he raises his empty cup. Of course the bartender knows he wants another drink. Though he had noticed some movement near him. But Val'kia just decided to keep himself with his ale.

"It seems ya got some shady people around here. But then again if they came for a drink, then let them. We all deserve one." Val'kia spoke.

The bartender smiled as he finishes cleaning a pitcher.

"Aye. Ain't that the truth. Ya definitely got yaself an eye of things dwarf."

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17th August 2010, 11:22
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Darrell Leon

Taking another chugg of his ale from the pitcher. The bitter liquid burning down his throat; He ponders to himself. Darrell could not help but get an unusual feeling yet some familiarity from the man sat at the bar and it puzzled him as he looked down at his now empty pitcher, placing it upon the counter.

A loud shout came from down the bar where the barman had been the whole time, unable to get away from the patrons. Darrell merely looked over his shoulder to see a rowdy dwarf also sat at the bar shouting jolly exchanges to the barman.


Taking in a deep breath she emerged from the sheets still naked. Her eyes widened to the light as she looked around, unable to have her mind on anything. Approaching the drawers she managed to rustle through the piles of neatly stacked clothes. Eventually she managed to find a suitable matching pair of underwear that she slid on and a pair of seductive tights she rolled up over top of that.

The skirt she found which she pulled up over the tights and her revealing top did little to avoid exposing her flesh. In fact it exposed almost all of her flesh as the top was more of a childs jacket if anything else but could clearly be seen that it was intended as an exposing top and should be worn as a top. This done she sat upon the edge of her bed rolling up her knee high black boots.

After about an hour of this act and straightening her hair, brushing her teeth and whatever other daily needs she deemed nescarry before she found another man to fill her constant ravenous lust, she exitted her room and began to walk down the stairs, shaking her hips as she walked.

Almost all the men in the bar turned to look at her as she stepped down the stairs into the busy tavern, gazing around for that of a strong man who could possibly fulfill her needs. She initially saw Mist and Stewie, licking her lips she considered approaching one. They'd of been perfect but as they whispered secrets to each other she immediately realised she'd be making a fool of herself trying. Her eyes then peered over towards the bar, three men stood out to her there. One seemed distressed, one's eyes had become fixated upon her and gave her an odd chill and the other was a dwarf.

She licked her lips again taking the unoccupied seat between Lieath and Darrell, "What's the matter hun?" she said winking at Darrell then leaning over and placing an arm over Lieath's shoulder looking him in the face.

17th August 2010, 23:24
Lieath was not used to the affects of alcohol, and soon found his head spinning only after chugging his third ale. He could not help but smile to himself in amusement at that. Of all the feelings he expected to feel at this moment, pain was defiantly a deteriorating one, as he picked up his now fourth ale. Oblivious that his own expression was one of melancholy, he was startled by the lithe arm, warmth, and abrupt company of Annabella next to him.

“What’s the matter, hun?” Annabella asked delicately. Lieath’s steel blue eyes met hers and he could not help but feel a little light headed and flush. Bewildered, he never even noticed her long heated glances around the room at the other men. Red tinges were now forming upon his cheeks with his now increased blood pressure. As battle worn as Lieath was, he was actually a fairly attractive man, if a little shy, but something was beginning to stir in him.

“My lady,” Lieath nodded his head towards her, “much has happened with the battle and everything... of course.” answered Lieath serenely; attempting to keep his words straight. Shifting in his stool, Lieath smiled soothingly and gazed hard into his ale before him, cringing from the arm weight now on him.

22nd August 2010, 05:55
It had taken only two days to reach Burden's Rest. Two days and a lifetime, really. Her life had early on become a quandary, taught by her father how to fight with a sword and martial arts, versus her mother's effort to turn her out as a debutante destined for a Ladyship at the least. Her life had been Papa's and his own thwarted desire for a son to carry on his own fading reputation as one of the finest swordsmen in the Kingdom. At least, when it was not her Mama's determination she's marry better than a mere Squire as she'd had to settle for.

Water under the bridge, now. They were all dead, the tiny holding reduced to scenes like she walked through out in the fields as she approached Burden's Rest. Trampled crops, the cloying stench of burnt fur and skin from the pyre set to toss the bodies of the enemy dead into unceremoniously, filling her nose now, as the smoke from it had filled her eyes for the past hours of walking. Both seemed to blend naturally with the fire in her soul, which had burned ever since she'd regained conciousness at the Holding, somehow left for dead by the monsters passing through on their way here, it would seem. Her life before was dead, now, like those beasts, and the only thing which kept her from shattering in her grief was the promise which had welled up from within her as she'd surveyed her dead family and essentially everyone she'd ever known in her life.

"I will make them regret letting me survive somehow. They took everything I ever knew away from me, and I will take everything I possibly can away from them from this moment forward," she'd vowed as she'd covered her parents' dead bodies in soil, then piled rocks and stones up to compensate for the holes not being as deep as she'd have wished, due to her own exhaustion by the end.

Perhaps, she'd been insane then, driven mad with grief and horror. Her long hair had gotten bound up tightly, and she'd dressed herself in an odd assortment of gear from her Papa's chests and weapons she'd known all her life from his drive to train her. He'd needed a son, really, but all he'd had was her. Well, she'd be enough, then, to hunt down the monsters who'd done this.

"Heroes aren't made, sweetie, they get cornered," Papa had told her once, and she heard those words as she entered the town of Burden's Rest, in her memory, and realized it was a bit bigger than a small group of monsters to have done this. She'd come thinking to gain help, but it appeared that she was going to have to be her own help and find out in a rush who she was going to become in her new life. Circumstances left her feeling cornered beyond her wildest imaginations, except this was brutally real. Hatefully so.

Food could be found in the Tavern, she'd been told, so she ventured to that rugged low building, and entered a mean pub for the first time in her experience. Smoky, dark, and her boots kept sticking on the filthy floor as she walked in and looked around uncertainly. The best and the worst filled this dive, her keen eye for assessing males informed her swiftly. But, it was food which she needed, so the blowsy woman running around with the occasional meal or brew as she panted over the masculine array was her only option it seemed.

It took two silvers to gain her attention long enough to order a meal and anything other than brew to drink.

"Ooh, too good fer a simple folk's drink? Or, too young to even be in here?" the woman sneered at her, looking over her features in growing dislike. "Milk, perhaps?"

22nd August 2010, 11:03
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Annabella and Darrell

She smiled slightly, she knew he was in pain but could tell from his shakey voice he was unsure of what to do. Unsure of whether or not he really wanted to talk to someone. She gently removed her hand from his shoulder and placed one upon his knee for a brief second, "Well if you need anything, let one of the barkeeps know and they'll come and get me, okay?" the genuine concern could be told in her voice but it quickly changed as she spun around upon her chair.

As she turned to face Darrell he had still been sat there staring at her, his third ale within his hand and now making eye contact, "And you..." she grinned and licked her lips slightly again, "...there must be something I could do for you!" she placed her hand right near the top of his leg so her fingers bent inwards and a clear flirtatious tone could be told within her voice.

Grinning slightly, Darrell placed his ale upon the bar counter again and drew five more gold coins out, "You have a room here..." she nodded in response to him and he continued, "...I need a clean bed, a warm bath and a hot meal. Take these coins and I will compensate you for it." he took her other hand that was leant upon the counter and placed his upon hers gently pulling away to reveal the five coins within her hand.

She was not generally the sort of woman who would do things for someone. In fact the only things she ever really did was spend her time within her room, coming out occaisonally when she was lonely and looking for a companion to spend the night. Yet, his stern face and muscular vigure, he let off a strange aura which she couldn't help but be attracted to had felt obliged to agree. She smiled standing up and cluching the coins in her hand, "Room 3, I leave the door ajar."

He watched as she walked over to the stairs and up them. Her hips swaying side to side as she did, she kept herself very well and she seemed like the kind of girl who had been through alot but bottled it up, one that kept herself to herself yet we all feel lonely from time to time. He did not let it bother him though, all he needed was a room, no more.

He couldn't help but chuckle slightly as she neared the top of the steps and one of the other patrons from under the stairs leant round trying to get a good view up her skirt. He took a long swig of his ale and almost finished in one turning to look at the door as a young female walked in.

The lady wore an assortment of armour and none of them really matched, it was almost as if she'd just looted an armour store and pulled out the first things that she had found which also amused him slightly as he downed the last part of his ale.

He remained on his stool for several minutes, watching and analysing this female as she flagged down the female barmaid who seemed to scowl at talking with this new woman. Upon hearing her say "milk" he quickly intervened as they were actually stood only metres from him, "Take a tankard of water, the milk will curdle in your stomach, give you the runs and you'll be sick for days. Besides it don't run down your stomach well with a hot meal." he turned slightly on his stool so that his body was now facing them and the barmaid began to scowl at him too.

22nd August 2010, 20:32
"Water is actually what I had in mind, thank you," She agreed stiffly, repressing her urge to slap this insolent wench for her rudeness. The past was dead, and she had to learn how to go on in this new life, but she wasn't planning on reducing her standards more than she flat had to. Instead, she forced her sweetest smile to her lips, perfectly suited to mellowing out and placating the meanest dowagers at Court. "A meal and a tankard of water, if you please, Ma'am."

The woman blinked, as if caught offstride by the politeness, and sidled off to fetch it after a glance at the relaxed, but hardened warrior watching her, as if mutely communicating for her to not try his seeming pleasantness.

"Thank you, though in this hole I'd expect any milk to arrive at the table already soured," she finally forced herself to say to the rather handsome, but tough man observing her now, as if curious. Tough, closed, the sort it was hard to ever really get to know, and then who knew what you'd find if you did? But, he was good at seeming to be easily knowable when he wished to draw a person out and less hostile. In other words, very dangerous for her right now. She knew no one here, and was at a grave disadvantage and sensed it. She hoped he did not notice her nervous swallow and how she hid her hands' trembling by adjusting her overly large chain mail tunic. This one would turn on a penny piece for or against her, and she really didn't feel all that lucky tonight to risk giving him anything to know.

She let her eyes track back over the occupants of the room, hoping for even one of the many men she'd been aquainted with who'd studied under her Father over the years, but no. No one here she knew to hope for any quidance or help at all.

"Another good reason to order the ale. You know it is going to be bad, but wet, and probably not capable of bearing any live surprises beyond that. Only real washing the tankards get in these pubs."

His comment drew her deep blue gaze back to him, the ideas of drinking from a dirty cup rather appalling, but there it was, and she was thirsty.

"Alcohol on top of everything else isn't a good plan," she commented back, then noted from his state he'd been in the thick of the bloodshed here. "So, there was a far larger group of them, and they hit here, too."

"Far larger and they seem to be hitting everywhere, by all accounts," he informed her, hooking an empty stool before someone else could grab it in the crowded pub and kicking it roughly beside him so she could sit when she ate at least. "You said "too", so where else did you know they attacked? Name is Darrell, to you."

"They destroyed High Hopes two nights ago, now. I... I suppose my name is Promise. Just Promise," she decided as she gave a name in return, pausing as her food and water got slammed on the bar before her as she took her seat, the barmaid attempting to sear her with a jealous glare for his meager attention and courtesy but Promise pretended to not notice, pleased by the good food, not so pleased with the dubious water. But, she'd hadn't eaten since the attack and was ravenous, and so applied herself to her plate neatly.

26th August 2010, 22:38
Hunger eased. she felt sleepy, and empty, as if the fire within had burned everything away. Not true, but, for now, it felt that way. She wasn't sure if it was just tiredness or how smoky the tavern was, but her eyes stung, and she felt a bit hemmed in by the crowd and didn't like it. The warrior, Derek, had seemed to fall back into his own thoughts for the present, which was just as well. She had precious few answers to spare for herself, let alone anyone else.

"Thank you, again," she murmured to him, before sliding off her stool and heading for the door with alacrity, noting two warriors in close conversation in the corner, briefly, as the crowd parted for a moment, then she ducked outside to escape.

"It is you, Miss! I thought I saws you go into the Tavern, I did!" a young voice exclaimed from near the corner of the tavern building and she looked up in surprise.

"Mouse! You made it out alive, too?"

"I wasn't der, Miss. I was coming back with a message from Burden and got back home just after it had to have happened. I didn't know what else to be doing but to turn about and return here. I was sure the rest would have come here, but you're the only one I've seen."

"You and I may well be all there is we'll ever be seeing from home alive, Mouse," she told him sadly. "I thought I was the only one. I'm glad I am not, after all."

The stable boy's eyes got big in his little face to hear this. Already an orphan when her family had taken him in he had not lost kin in the raid, but he had lost everyone who mattered to him left.

"What shall we do, Miss?"

"I don't know, Mousers. I just know I wish to kill those who killed my family and people as long as I can. I came here thinking to find someone to help, but I know no one here, so it is just you and I, really."

"I like that. I gots no warrior training, but I could help you, couldn't I?" he asked hopefully.

Someone familiar, depending on her, made her feel less lost, and that was her largest problem now.

"More than you know, perhaps, Mouser. Have you eaten?"

"I had some rations left, so yes."

"Then, let us find a safe hiding place to get some sleep in. I'm too tired to think much right now, and i over heard a lot of talk in the Tavern that a large group was leaving in the morning to help another town or city, so perhaps we can go along with them."

18th October 2010, 20:48
//OOC// Wow!.. You guys are excellent. What a great read in here //OOC//

Walking back into Burden was like stepping back in time. So much had been repaired, and so many were here.
Reflecting on the events that had taken her north so quickly, regret filled her. The people here deserve some rest and hope. Wish i could bring it to them.

After an encounter with an erebus that was an absolute nightmare, and a rather unsettling flight to strange lands, finding my way back was difficult. The path is clear now, and they are needed.

Finally her feet carry her to the tavern. When she enters, the scene surprises her. The two men she encountered were still here.
A young man with a heavy heart was nearing his doom in a chair that should have given way long ago. So many eyes on the young woman in the corner. The saddest eyes with some vigor renewed.

The barmaid noticed me immediately. Ooh that woman can scowl. I returned the favor. "I'll take 2 of your finest and a meal. There will be no repeat of our last encounter my lady"
This seemed to be enough, besides she was eyeing the over observant man at the counter.

"How many here can fight? There will be great trouble in the north, and it will only come here quicker if you do not come to it's aide!"

Eye's turned towards her, and some heavy sarcasm in too many of them. "What would such a slight woman as yourself know of fighting?" bellowed one of the men. I had been watching Mist ( I learned his name on my journey back) so missed the questioner. As i scanned the room, my only reply may not go over so well.
"More than you it seems, there are no tankards of ale where i have been, only murder and the promise of more."

The barmaid thumped my ale on on the counter... " We want no more trouble here, you keep your tales to yourself"
I'll eat my meal sorrow woman, but those who will hear me i will tell.

The Unsung Adventurer
26th January 2011, 01:12
Well... better late than never, I guess, right? This is my first attempt at roleplaying, so I hope I do alright...

The man walked into the tavern, scarcely noticed by any but the bouncers at the door. He would have been handsome, if it weren't for the dark shadows under his eyes, and the lifeless look in them. He had high cheekbones, and a strong jaw. Those who did manage to make eye contact with him noticed the different colors almost immediately - one was a light brown, almost a shining gold while the other was a shade of brown that couldn't quite be classified as a red.

He drifted over to a seat in the far corner. The tavern's owner only just noticed him as she finished serving the woman who had come in before him.

"What d'you want?" she asked, and it took a moment for him to return from his thoughts.

"Land and a title would be nice," he replied in a sad attempt at humor. He tried to smile, but only managed a grimace to rival his hostess' own.

Her only reaction was to tap her foot rhythmically on the floor, and ask: "ale?"

"Yes. Indeed. The perfect solution for all worries: getting drunk. At least then, one doesn't have to remember anything but how to lift the next drink to one's mouth." His speech was clearly that of someone who had a good education. And, indeed, he had. His mother and father were tapestry weavers of some renown. Renown meant wealth, and wealth meant education.

The tavern's owner ignored the comment.

"Uh... Sorry, madam. Just a lesson from my childhood I'm having trouble forgetting. Almost a word-for-word quote of my father, in fact. A warm cider would be welcome. Thank you."

As she walked away to fill his order, the man returned to memory delving.

He had been in Burden's Rest, picking the redberries that grew just outside for his mother to turn into dyes. Only, that was when the monsters had arrived. He had been one of the first to help the farmers fend off the attack.

His weapon of choice had been the staff given to him by - of all things - an elf years ago. Even more strange was that he hadn't had to pay for it, and had no use of it (though he had it with him always, since) when he first received it. It had a simple enough design - four separate staves of wood twisted together. The middle (the grip) was where the four pieces came together into what looked like one thicker, round piece. At the ends the four pieces also joined, forming more bulbous ends. Being elven made, it was, of course, perfect.

When he asked the elf who presented it to him (after finding his voice, several failed attempts later) why, the response was "a prophecy, of sorts."

Sipping his cider, the man who had spent time as "Keane of the Staff" (A name the men he shared a fire with every night in the army gave him, and of which he was rather proud - more-so than poet-tongued, awarded from his fancy speech), remembered that first fight.

None of the monsters had been able to lay a scratch on him. Despite never having used the staff in combat before, he had found a small corner of his mind and retreated there, letting another part - a part that thought as he imagined some ancient warrior of legend might think - take over his body.

As he often did, he cursed the elf and his prophecy. Though, he knew he wasn't angry at him - he knew many lives had been saved because of his inborn fighting ability.

As much as he'd have preferred not to, though, his more innocent mind, that of the tapestry weaver's son, remembered the doings of what the warrior part of him was capable of.

The teachings of his father kept him from losing himself to drink, however, and so he couldn't forget the sensations of bone breaking under the elven staff, or the sights of men and beast-men dying around him for even the shortest periods of time.

Shaking himself out of his daydream, the man with haunted eyes glanced towards the woman the tavern-keeper had an openly hostile attitude towards. She looked familiar, but couldn't quite place where she had been from. The army, obviously, but her rank evaded him.

He had the feeling she would notice him staring, especially with his hollow, unblinking eyes, but he was already lost in memory again, in an attempt to remember her.

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5th July 2011, 04:40
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Zebbedee walked into the smoke filled tavern with shock as the fight took his son by force. He fought side by side with his son only to have him took away. He had a bandage around his chest and a thin piece of cloth for an eyepatch. He was a sergeant in the town guard and he had a bushy beard, what trailed down to his collarbone. He still had bloodstains on his armor and face as he was injured defending the town. His eyes were blank and grey as he had lost the best thing that had happened to him. he was 6 foot 3 or so and rather out of shape. Not as out of shape as the male barkeep but sort of anyway. His favoured weapon is a battleaxe and he carries a small buckler with it.

He sat down alone at a table thinking about when that horrible ogre rushed the town square gates, the squad couldnt hold him for five seconds before losing a few men. Thinking about his son. Thinking about the person who saved him...Roland i think his name was. anyway he shivers as if he just woke up from a terrible nightmare. he scans around the room not seeing anybody he knows then he stands up, walks to the bar and orders a tankard of ale to forget what happened.

[OOC] im seriously bad at roleplaying this is my first go im sorry if its badly written :006:

6th October 2011, 02:24
A mysterious young man in shrouded robes walks into the tavern. His green eyes speak a fierce tale as he walks over to the barkeep and sits down. No one knows his real name, except that he goes by the name, "Desert Claw".

"I'll have something to drink."

Mystine Arialis
5th February 2012, 19:31
Hoping this thread isn't dead. *casts Resurrect*

Tears rolled silently down her cheeks as she pulled the blanket over the last child's eyes. She asked herself why, but knew in her heart that there was no reason for such tragedy. Even if the gods frowned upon the land, there was no need for such young lives to be so violently taken.

The keep was in shambles. The last of the beastmen had finally been slain and now it was time to tend to the wounded and the dead. Mystine helped carry the bodies outside to where family or friends could claim them. Her heart sank a little more as she knew that these children would have no one come for them. Even wrapped in blankets, they looked so tiny next to the men who had given their lives defending their home. Her mind flashed back to only moments ago, when the children's faces had turned from being terrified to ones of defiant bravery as they armed themselves with spears and stood together against the enemy.

The sound of soft sobbing turned her attention to those children who had survived who were now emerging from the keep. Those who had homes broke off and started running in various directions, calling for their loved ones. Those who had nowhere to go shuffled slowly behind the orphanage matron, weeping as they mourned the loss of their friends.

She was one of them, their elder by only a few years and just old enough to be considered a woman and no longer a child. Mystine had come to Burden's Rest only months ago when the dragon's army had left her village in a similar state, only with more losses. To be honest, Burden's Rest was the third town she'd come to following the same attacks in other villages. She'd seen the sorrow and heartache in each place and each time she'd left, hoping to put it all behind her. But it seemed that fate was toying with her, keeping her only a few steps ahead of the onslaught.

"Why me? Of all the suffering and loss, why have I been spared so many times?", she pondered. "Whatever be the reason, fates be damned, I'm done running away."

Tear streaks drying on her dirty face, she strode to the smithy to use the last bit of coin she'd managed to save for a couple pieces of manageable armor and sharp blade of any kind. After that, she'd head to the tavern to see if there was anyone willing to let her travel with them. She was done running.

20th February 2012, 22:57
Akadesh listened intently to the Captains offer. He was sitting alone on a table adjacent to the wall, facing in the opposite direction of the human dressed in merchant drinking attire. A length of parchment, an inkwell, and a quill lay on the table before him, he pretended to busy himself with writing while man after man signed up for the voyage. He seemed quite valid, but one could never be too trusting of anyone, and even though he could not sense any resonating dark magic from the man, he waited for more people to ask about the adventure before making an act himself.

He had been in the tavern since noon, writing down an inventory of all his possessions. He had secured himself a small room in the illustrious Tasengaard Magic School in Seridia, and was in the process of moving any items of value to him to the school. The list was barely populated though, no matter how much he thought he couldnt come up with more than a few items that were worth even a low value to him. Mind you, the only things he really cared about were already tucked away safely, he dared not remove them from their domain for an event not apocalyptic.

A Draegoni tapped the man on the shoulder a few minutes later. She was much taller than him, but a little shorter than that of her kin. Her hair was a beautiful sapphire blue, adorned with blue scales which sparsely covered her visible body. From head to toe flowing green robes concealed her physique. Aphistolas noted she carried a small bag of essences with her, but was otherwise unarmed. She stood out among the crowd, whom upon brief inspection looked like the taverns normal patrons.

He waited to hear what would transpire, pretending to begin writing once again upon the parchment.
Учредители (http://websait.by/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=110:2012-01-31-16-47-33&catid=40:2011-01-12-16-02-33&Itemid=62)

3rd June 2012, 17:48
Hughes walked in to the tavern taking a seat at the bar. He wore the uniform of a General of the army, although he retired a few years ago. He appears to be a few years younger than Roland, but in worse shape for wear. He has shoulder length gray hair, and an dirty cloth covering his right eye. He signals the bar keep to pass down a tankard of ale without even so much as acknowledging anyone else there.

The bar keep sends down a tankard, and Hughes drinks.

30th June 2012, 15:58
I have seen many to this game, but to be MINUS 68 (right now) for the next level...
I feel sorry that I will spam this message all around the forum...

2nd May 2013, 18:54
A blast of wind rattles the door to the tavern. Soon the door opens and a woman strides in closely followed by a man. Behind them. A dragon with burnished golden scales peers in through the entrance. The woman waves at the dragon as the door closes The woman's reagal bearing and confidence she exudes fills the tavern. The pair are dressed in a in a mish mash of equipment, and other gear. That looks well cared for, and well used. The man, and woman find an empty table. The man looks to the woman with love as he pulls out a chair, and it is returned as she sits. Then the man wanders up to the bar. While the woman opens her pack, and pulls out a book with strange symbols written down the front, and opens it to the book marked page. "InnKeep! My wife would like food, and wine. I would like food, and ale. We also need a room for a while, and access to your baths. Here man. This should cover it." The man reaches into his cloak, pulls out his large fist filled with gold coins, and slaps it down on the bar. "Keep the change. As we will be here for some time." The barkeep pulls out a ledger, a inkwell, and a quill. "And by what names is the room to be let to you under?" The barkeep asks. The man grins. "I am Warbender, and my wife is Mariko of the Himura." Warbender replies before turning back to the table. The barkeep makes an entry into the ledger after counting the coin. His eyes brighten at the amount. Soon a large meal with wine and ale arrives at the table. Along with the serving girl, and the barkeep. "M'lord. Here is your key. Your room is up one flight, hallway to the right and the last door on the left down that hall. The baths are out back. Just let one of me serving girls know. So we can get it filled, and heated for you." The woman now identified as Mariko looks up from her book, and in a soft clear and pleasant voice says " Thankyou good man. We have traveled a long time, and have had many trials. It is good that we have found this place to relieve our burdens, and heal our hurts. For your service, and to help ease the burdens of others. I would buy a round for everyone here." She hands the barkeep a few more gold coins. "Thankyou, and be welcome in this place." The barkeep turns and heads back behind the bar to start pouring drinks for everyone.

20th June 2013, 03:35

Spectros dives thru one of the taverns windows with a loud smash and glass shattering to the ground. After a not so gracefull tuck-n-roll spectros quickly rises to his feet, brushing glass off his thick cloak. A look of bewilderment on his face he stands slightly awkwardly amongst the glass which crunches quietly as he scooches to a table away from the crowd. Spectros slaps his
name tag to his chest he leans in to the center of the table blowing out the lit candle he pulls his hood up over his head as he then sits down, slinging his satchel down onto the table infront of him he unbuttons the flap and takes a small bbundle out from the sack.
He unwraps the clothe bundle revealing a old long stemmed pipe which he had kept packed with a small pinch of herbs. Placing the pipe to his mouth he picked up one of the punks from the bundle he lit the end of the punk from the candle on the table behind him, he the placed the lit punk to the bowl of the pipe inhaling deeply he smoked the herbs.
Putting out the punk he slowly scanned the crowd he had been so oblivious of before, he sat quietly in the dim light enjoying the flavor of the herbs he smoked.