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Stewie Doo
7th June 2010, 23:12
Hello People and welcome to the Role Playing forums.

The idea of these forums is that members of the community and create stories that are currently happening in the world of Dawn of The Dragons. Each member can Role Play his in game character in these stories, so that people can get a feel for what the characters are all about, and what makes them tick.

Creating a new Story Thread
When you have an idea for a new story scenario, simply start a thread with a descriptive name that will hopefull catch peoples eye. If you want it to be an invite only story for certain members, simply put *PRIVATE* at the beginning of the subject line. This will let people know that they are welcome to read the story, but should not take part.

Setting Limitations and Rules
In the first post of your thread you should state any limitations on who may take part in the thread. Simply list the names of the people who have been invited. You may also let other people know that they could private message you if they would like to join in. Any other rules you want to impose on your story should be set here. This should take the form of an Out Of Character statement e.g.

Hello everybody, this thread is an open thread and anyone can join. Please keep the story location to Burden's Rest. Thanks

Out Of Character OOC
Sometimes you need to say something to those taking part that does not belong in the story, these are considered Out Of Character 'OOC' statements. OOC remarks should only be made at the beginning or your post so that people can spot it straight away, and you should use Tags to identify them e.g.

Guys this might be my last post for a couple of days as I am away.

Set The Scene
Once you have set any limitations and rules for your thread, it's time to start the story by setting the scene. Try and be as descriptive as possible as this will help you attract people to the story as the scene may give them ideas as they are reading it. The start of a story is probably one of the most important things in the thread, as it will dictate the atmosphere and setting for the whole story.

Posting Etiquette
It's fair to say that in the most part anything goes, but there are a few things you should consider when posting.
Try to maintain the subject of the thread, if the scene is in a Tavern, dont post a large war scene on a battle field.
Try to maintain the general theme of Dawn of The Dragons, so no spaceships or lightsabers (sorry).
Try to keep OOC small and consise so as not to spoil the general reading of the story.
Try not to post only an OOC comment, always try to include some form of role play.

Although it's ok to have other peoples characters perform small actions within your posts, it is not acceptable for you to have them complete significant actions eg.

Stewie Doo entered the tavern, smoke filled the air as it billowed out of the pipes of a group of goblins sitting in the corner looking excitedly over some blue prints. Angel, sat motionlessly at her table gazing into a half empty tankard, her eyes only lifting to look at the goblins.

Not Allowed:
Stewie Doo entered the tavern, smoke filled the air as it billowed out of the pipes of a group of goblins sitting in the corner looking excitedly over some blue prints. Angel, picked up her half empty tankard and cracked it across the back of one of the goblins heads, shouting "This is a no smoking area!"

If you would like to have a story go in a certain direction with another persons character, send them a private message and see if they are interested in taking it that way.

Above all, have fun :)

7th June 2010, 23:57
I have stupid question, since I'm a complete newbie at this. Is it permissible to make your character capable of doing feats of minor magic? What limits do I have with my fictional self? Currently, I'm just envisioning myself walking into a pub I'm a regular at.

Stewie Doo
8th June 2010, 00:02
I have stupid question, since I'm a complete newbie at this. Is it permissible to make your character capable of doing feats of minor magic? What limits do I have with my functional self? Currently, I'm just envisioning myself walking into a pub I'm a regular at.

Of course, in fact that would be great, we are after all adventurers now, once Lena has moved the post from the other thread you posted in to the new one, I'll be setting the scene and you will see that the time is after the recent happening in burdens Rest, so it's quite feasible that you managed to pick up some 'skills'.

I guess the the only thing to be wary of is the general feel, as you can imagine, in those days you probably wouldn't find too many wizards levitating in to taverns and using telekinesis to bring their tankards over from the bar ;)

11th August 2010, 12:29
This is an addition to Stewie Doo's Anyone For A Role - A Guide To Role Playing.
The purpose of this article is to teach and inform in order to help you along your journey as a role player and to compliment the already greatly designed guide by Stewie Doo.

Perhaps one of the best parts of role playing is it is open to people of all skill levels and you can still acheive a pretty high standard story but there are just some things that people lack in the form of descriptive writing. This additional guide though small will include some tips and pointers from my just over ten years experience in role playing for you to use and manipulate as you please in order to develop your own unique role playing style.

What is Descriptive writing
Descriptive writing is a form of writing where you use your senses to add emotional climate within the story. This is acheived by using a range of words that can represent or describe the effects of something upon someone or something.

The stench of sulphur in the air rolled up his nostrils like a bad dream.

It is important to know your five main senses in descriptive writing, these are:

As well as this there is also emotion which should be included in this. When writing you should constantly think, "How does the cold metal feel against his exposed hands?" "How does this make me feel?" "What would that smell like?" Questions like these that would be relevant to the situation should always be on the edge of your brain waiting to be answered through the text in which you write.

Styles of Role Playing
Though there are alot of styles of role playing across different platforms it is important to know the three main styles that appear upon forums. These come in the forms of the Standard, Semi-lit and Literate.

Example of Standard
wat i do *peers at her and blinks*

Example of Semi-lit
He looked over at her and blinked before asking, "What did I do?"

Example of Literate
Staring over into her illumonous eyes he could not help but blink away a tear that swelled in his eye socket. The familiar smell of her perfume filling his nostrils making him want to launch towards her and beg her to take him back but instead he pleaded, "What did I do?"

Standard often appears within General Text or OOC Text but within Role Play the most common to find is the Semi-lit which is what I'm sure most of you who are reading this also are. Through descriptive writing you can be delivered from the status of Semi-lit to Literate when using the proper techniques.

Actions in Role Play
Actions themselves are not a part of descriptive writing and in essence a piece of pure descriptive writing would not have any movement at all but that of smelling, looking, hearing, touching or tasting. However in role play we don't all plan to spend our entire lives sat in the same place doing nothing but describing the moss growing from the corner of the Tavern window so it is important we include action in it.

I've often time and time again come across role players who take too many tasks upon themselves at the same time and find themselves in a complete stupour.

Example of too much Action
Drawing his sword he hit him hard upon the arm, spinning and stiking him again while lifting off the ground firing a arrow from his bow and tossing a dagger at another. He then cast a spell setting ablaze the remaining enemies while hugging the heroine and holding a small child out of arms length to keep him safe.

It is important to find that balance of action and description that compliment each other too make both an interesting, gripping piece but still pushes the narrative forward. Such that I have a general rule for most pieces I write that except for SPECIAL paragraphs (which I will speak about later in this guide) every paragraph must have some description and at least one action with a maximum of two.

Example of a well structured, normal paragraph
Pushing the door of the tavern open he clambered in as his chain boots clunked against the floor and his armour rattled. He peered through the still down visor around at the inhabitents of the bar area and at their tables noticing everyone seemed to be going on about their usualy rabble as if nothing happened except what looked like two hardened warriors exchanging conversation from two adjacent tables in the corner. Freshly skinned bones in front of them.

SPECIAL Paragraphs
Your writing will consist of several types of Paragraphs and actually what I've come to call Normal Paragraphs consisting of small actions and descriptive writing tend to only fill about 30% of your story and it is SPECIAL Paragraphs that fill the other 70%.

These paragraphs consist of many types from Pure Descriptive to set the scene of a new location to Pure action for a narrative part which is subsequently important to push the story forward. These are both two of the three main SPECIAL paragraphs that will appear, the other is converse between characters.

I find often if you mix description, action and conversation all in one paragraph it can occaisonally work but is best avoided if possible containing it to two at most in any combination, Conversation/Action, Conversation/Description or Action/Description.

A stuctured Role Play
I always remember when I was younger I was told that in Story writing one of the most important things to remember is the proper structure, beginning, middle and end. Then later I learned that similarly in Plays you must do this but not only must this be inclusive for the entire play over a five act structure but it must be inclusive within each act too, opening the act, developing the act and closing the act.

The Beginning
Role Play itself is very much like a play, taking on the role of a character in each act which takes on the form of a location, for example the tavern. So the act starts you must set the scene introducing the place in which you are often taking the form of a purely descriptive piece.

Then we move onto introducing the characters which are appearing within this scene. Such as you introduce your character into the scene through whichever form you wish but it must describe him, if not in the prior introductory paragraph then in the paragraph which follows.

The Middle
We then move into the story, the thick of it. We find out why your character is here, what he is doing, who he is with, what his motives are. He may converse with other characters, interact with objects. The possibilities are almost limitless within the Middle section of an act and is up to you and the other characters to develop in whichever way you please.

The End
Then we move into the Last part of your act where we find the resolve, we move on into a new scene and complete our purpose within this scene. This is often the smallest part and can be done within one or two good structured posts. It is often best to do it within two unless your character is particularly hurried or in a rush in the story as it gives other Role Players a chance to subsequently reply before your character actually disappears from them.

It is also important to remember that though on adventures and such often the other Role Players will be at the same point in their act as you are, in scenarios such as the Tavern people are always at different points in their own story and in that particular act for them so be prepared for quick changes and interactions which are sutiable to both yours and their scenario.

A Quick Thanks
I'm sure there is plenty I missed off but this took me all morning to write and I'm both ill and half asleep so I will make edits from time to time if I remember anything that needs adding on but apart from that. Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you all and overall... Enjoy your Role Play! :)


16th August 2010, 01:11
Anyone can write, but to write with a point or purpose gives the story an interest worth reading I have always found. Prime example, my new character I just posted; Lieath. His wife has died, a battle has just taken place. His home has been destroyed. All he has is his blade and memories now. That is his reason for advancing on in the story. He lost his life, his wife, and now seeks to become some kind of mercenary of good to protect the lands. He has purpose and reason to be in the story. All characters that are written about, have a purpose to the story, so just thought I would add... make a purpose for your own. :D

16th August 2010, 03:41
I completely agree... I'm glad you added that to the guide.

I have to say I was shocked at the arrival of your character. Their story is somewhat similar to mine but more recent and on a lesser scale. Glad to have you aboard!

16th August 2010, 06:01
Thank you, Darrell! I love to write and look forward to hopefully writing more with you!

Stewie Doo
17th August 2010, 15:05
Thank you for the additional post on in this guide, that is a great insight in to Role Playing.

I'm glad to see a few more takers as it was getting a little limited, I'll have to post something new in there now :)

Remember, you can start your own alternative threads in different locations if you want too :)

6th October 2010, 00:47
Something else that should be noted, should the RP threads ever pick up more, is that one should avoid writing a "Mary Sue", someone who tries to dominate the scene and be the center of all attention, as well as being too perfect and skilled and powerful. For instance, writing someone who;

* is a grandmaster in all weapons
* is rich enough to own all of West Kruna, but doesn't because he's so benevolent
* sleeps with 4 women at the same time, and 4 different women each night
* can nuke Lord Tyranthius to death with a single magical bolt
* crochets epic poems (that he wrote himself) into elegant wall hangings while birds chirp away on his shoulders and chipmunks rest in his lap (when he's not busy single-handedly slaying monsters, that is) and,
* invented the internet, then invented electricity, plastic, microchips and computers to have someplace to put the internet..

would be slightly frowned upon.

You may think that's an exaggeration... well, it might be, but not by much sometimes.

6th October 2010, 01:50
dsg has had this one going for awhile but, we have no rules hope you enjoy reading it. we will be posting more soon.

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