View Full Version : New special ability

22nd December 2010, 22:03
Given how some of the luminaries feel they really don't need to make any choices in regards to equipment and/or legions, I was thinking about what ability might cause them to need to consider it.

This got me thinking about what the things are that seem to impact them the most. From what I've read, it seems the two things that many of them consider the most is damage and how long it takes them to level, so what if we combine these two aspects of the game and create an ability that INCREASES experience per hit by a percentage while DECREASING damage per hit by a percentage?

This would add a nice twist for the lower level players as well, because it may push us from the 1-2 levels a day range to the 2-3 range, for example.

It could also be taken the other way, increase your damage while costing you experience.

Any thoughts on if this would actually be a hard choice to make/worth considering for the game?

23rd December 2010, 22:18
Good idea, though I would suggest that it be something permanent like the classes you choose at levels 100 and 500, otherwise it would open itself up to abuse.

23rd December 2010, 23:07
Those two things seem to cancel each other out, at least for me it would.

I only level so I can do more damage. I would love it if I could do more damage and level a little slower.