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21st December 2010, 21:33
Please forgive me, if there is already a thread about it.
Also forgive me about my bad english skills or if I posted it in the wrong section.

Probably someone knows the signature of Xfire.
You are able to put a Link into your profile which shows you status, like you are AfK or playing a game.
My idea is like the same.
There are already threads about "Raid help requests" but sometimes you click on the link, after that you are waiting until you completly loaded the game and finally you see, that the raid is already finished. Sometimes you are looking forward to kill a special boss, but you need like 5 links until you find a not finished raid.
If I'm doing a raid, I'll try to keep the informations up to date, like available slots/hp/time left/magic and here comes my idea.
Maybe you are able to program something like a picture with the picture of the raid boss,which includes:
The actual HP
Magic used
Slots in use
Time left
The picture could be a hyperlink to the raid aswell and if the raid is finished, it will stay as it is or the picture will disappear.
To make it less laggy, the picture could update itself each hour.
You will see which raid needs your help or got some spots over for you.

I hope you like it.

21st December 2010, 22:45
I like the general idea of a RSS type "live link" to raids. Problem is, would be linking the information to the forums for the up to date info. It would be much like how your active raids display in the raid page ... just a matter of being able to "port" that information onto the forum ... likely FAR to tricky to be completely worth while. Just keep trying links. Now that you can close out raids that are full, I find it MUCH easier to manage raids. If I open up a link to a full raid, I simply close it and charge onto the next link if there are any.

The NEW raids are EXTREMELY difficult to find. Example, last night I clicked on a post that was 21 minutes old, stating there was 1,300M hp remaining (I assumed that to be 1,300,000,000) and when I clicked it, it was already dead ... oh well. Gotta roll w/ the punches, after the holidays, I'm guessing, the intensity with which the new raids are getting hit will decrease, and there will be more availability ... same story when the Vornstaag raids went live. Patience is the key.

21st December 2010, 23:25
Sometimes it takes around 20-30 seconds to load and connect to the game.
Sometimes I got barely spare time to spend in dawn of the dragons, so I'm quickly looking out for a raid like nightmare Mazalu.
I click on the link => game is loading => a message pops up that the raid is already completed.
That means I need to click another link, which will reconnect to the game.
Sometimes you will need some time you don't got to find a good raid.

There is also another problem:
Some people just check up for the last raid, which got posted in the forum and if it is already completed, some people assume that every link, which got posted before, are finished too.
Sometimes some people need to get help over the facebook alert to get some people or need to repost the link in the help request, which 'could' expand in something like spam.

I know, that it is hard to programme, but I think that it would be a nice visual element in the forum,which could help out some people to get the help they need without spaming the forum.
Thanks alot for your opinion :)

Oh... RSS would describe my thread much better. Are you able to change the threadname?:O

2nd Edit:
Would also help, if everybody would edit their posts after their raids are finished, but there are not much people who would actualy do that.

22nd December 2010, 00:04
Forum name changed ;)

24th December 2010, 13:47
2nd Edit:
Would also help, if everybody would edit their posts after their raids are finished, but there are not much people who would actualy do that.

I agree with this.

As also mentioned earlier it may be difficult to program all of the suggestions, but what about something that would automatically delete the post when it is full or dead?

As all the links are copied and pasted, how about an option in the Rally Cry script that looks to see if you are registered to the forum and asks you if you would like to post the request to the forum at the same time? This option should only be available to the Summoner. This script would then create a unique ID between the Raid and the Forum. A couple of lines in the Raid script could then say 'if participants = full then delete Forum Post' and 'if Dead then delete Forum Post' This method should also keep down the number posts in each thread as they are self-deleting. If the Summoner needs to post further Rally Cries for any reason and the Raid is full, then the option to 'Post to Forum' would not appear.

Because you must be a forum member to post links, there would be no need for manual posting and the threads could in theory be locked so that all posting and deletion is automatic.

What do you think?

24th December 2010, 14:00
As also mentioned earlier it may be difficult to program all of the suggestions, but what about something that would automatically delete the post when it is full or dead?

That would be nice too, since you know, which raids are still active and not completed yet.

24th December 2010, 14:07
Exactly, the only posts in the threads would be active or not full. You would have to be very unlucky to try to join at the same time as someone else that takes the last spot, or just as the Boss dies. But that should not happen too often.

24th December 2010, 14:23
The last slot isn't a problem at all, since you are able to close it right after.
I'm trying to fight against the problem with "1 open raid, followed by 10 finished raids".
If you don't want to spam your link, you will have a problem.
Also it is sometimes better to farm a special boss, if you are going to try to collect a specific item, but clicking on like 10 different links and every raid is finished is sometimes annoying, since you need to load the full game again and again.

I know that it is quite not that necessary since you are able to spam your raidlink, but it would be nice if there is a system like that.

25th December 2010, 05:01
Any Mod's or Dev's care to comment.

25th December 2010, 06:17
Well, I threw in my 2 cents already ... and I know the DEV time is celebrating some well deserved time off over the holiday ... not sure when things will return to business as usual, but would be surprised if we didn't see one of them comment on the topic in the near future here.

27th December 2010, 15:01
I think this idea has some implementability.
I'm going to bump it.


1st January 2011, 03:54

2nd January 2011, 12:03
Over the past few days I have taken part in Raids that would have most definately failed if I had not posted them on the Forum. Where I suggested earlier that 'Forum posting' should only be available to the Summoner, I would like to change my mind on this - considering. Anyone should be able to post to the Forum, after all, defeating a Boss is a Team effort, and once a link has been created further posts could just update the information in the relevent thread.