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19th December 2010, 17:43
My master list of things I'd like to see in Dawn of the Dragons.

For Guilds
-Guild bank for gold
-Members donate gold (since it's VERY abundant) to his/her guild
-Guild can purchase lands and create buildings and/or buy artifacts
-Guild buildings will provide a defensive power, increasing with upgrades
-Guild artifacts provide player buffs, increasing with upgrades
-Building upgrades require materials, pruchaseble in the bazaar?
-Artifact upgrades require gold and loot obtained through raid drops (incentive for participating in guild raids eh?)

Guild Buildings Explained
As mentioned above, guild buildings offer defensive traits. Why? Well cause I'd like to see guild wars... when your guild
declares war on another guild, you will lay seige to the other guild's lands/buildings etc. your artifacts and while the defending guild's
buildings defenses would help them. Something like that.

Why attack another guild? Oh i dunno, perhaps for gaining glory or your guild rising in the ranks on the rank listing.

Guild Artifactts Explained
Wouldn't it be cool to own (for example) The Legendary Excalibur? With that your guilds members would receive, say, a defense buff... or
the Sword of Joan de Arc giving your members increased chance to land critical hits in battle? Of course each upgrade would provide a higher
percentage of that buff. By completing guild raids, your guild would have the chance to obtain loot required to receive/upgrade the artifacts.

Of course tho the devs would want to create artifacts/relics that fit in with the game's natural lore.

-Knight's Templar Equipment Set
-Chainmail chest piece with adorned white mantle and red cross emblazened over the heart, Templar's Greaves, Sword, etc

Equipment Set Bonuses
-Create 4-5 piece equipment sets... each piece equipped adds bonuses

For example, we'll have a 4 piece chainmail set. Equipping legs offers the stats on the equipment. However, equipping the feet because it's a second piece of the set, offers increased defense! Equipping a third piece, like the chest, would give increased HP. Equipping the 4th and final pice of the set would say increase all stats +2.

It's neat, and yet not unbalancing. Make the sets obtainable by crafting or personal/guild raid loot only. Or make lower level sets buyable in the bazaar.

The neat thing about this idea is you could equip 2-3 pieces of one set for a specific bonus, and equip pieces of another set for a seperate specific bonus.
It offers more customization that keeps people happy!

Please I'd like to hear opinions about this list, or give me ideas and I'll add them.