View Full Version : Stat point changing

12th December 2010, 03:46
I would like to see a way to remove and re apply stat points. The game changes frequently with updates it would only make sence if we could somehow change our stat points.

heres what I suggest

!.) allow it for free once every 2-3 months

2.) If you want it more often you will have to spend gold or PC.

3.) have other restrictions to help make sure people aren't abusing the system (like once stat points are re-applied your stamina and energy start at 0 and have to rebuild.)

Honestly i think alot of people will find this helpful because for instance with the new quests taking so much energy I regret putting so much into attack. I know alot of people would like to rebuild their characters to help aid in Colosseum.

12th December 2010, 04:19
I don't think this will be easy to apply, especially since so many people farm for stat points and once you reset you'll have redivide all those farmed stat points, which will be different for everybody.

12th December 2010, 04:27
why not just beat on monsters and level and put your points where you want when you earn them. i knew there would be changes, so did everyone. so i chose a hybrid build and it weathered all the updates.

12th December 2010, 18:50
I do have mine pretty spread out as well for different things. all im saying is with the game changes some peoples builds arent as effective anymore. like when I started I built my character balanced but more twards raiding. now that the new quests have come out i find my self struggling to get the energy that I need to get thu them at the higher levels.

Im not saying it would be easy to implement something like this especially since it would have to have limitations so people dont abuse it. I just think it would be a nice feature for all of the players no matter what your level to try out different builds (without stat farming.)

I also know a while back people where abusing stat farming ( the reason why oranges where nerfed) maybe this way they wont feel the need to farm as much and also the game makers could make a little extra off the top by selling them with planet coins.